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  1. When to put your boat in the water?

    As far as the pink anti-freeze goes, read the lable. Some of them tell you right on the label "Not for engine use."
  2. How to slow my boat down?

    Buggy Bags. Google it.
  3. Tow vehicle?

    I have a 2010 RAM 1500, HEMI, crew cab, 3.92 rear end, with the extra capacity fuel tank. Bought this specifically for towing. I pull about #9000 when rigged and full of water and fuel. (Discovery 246 w/dual axle Venture 8025 trailer.) Highway towing = 8 mpg. (plenty of power for hills and passing though) Highway non-towing = 21 mpg. I've been very happy with this rig.
  4. Opinions of fishing/radar arch.

    I've never heard a complaint about the Atlantic Towers. If you don't like the box one, they'll custom make whatever you want.
  5. 23-25ft boat

    Bayliner Discovery 246, no outboard, no dog house.
  6. LOU Mobile Edition - Now Live!

    All I can say is WOW!!! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. Camper for sale

    Where is it? What's the towing weight? Titled in NY or....???
  8. color of salmon?

    I've heard of some states with laws about, willful waste of edible fish and game animals. Does NY have these laws?
  9. gps hook up

    Use a Cigarette lighter port! I believe the plug has a voltage regulator in it. I don't think the unit runs on 12V.
  10. need help to mount riggers on Trophy 2002

    I agree with Gene. I had bought the Gimbal mounts for my 1802 and sent them back. The paperwork with the mounts said don't run them to the side, only straight back. I ended up putting 12 inch track systems on both back corners, and they're great. Easily removable and reconfigurable. I talked to a trophy rep once, and he told me the boat is made for fishing and any area where the antiskid is, it is reinforced and you can mount directly to that. Of course use some common sense with backing washers and maybe a plate.
  11. Tackle store in Niagara Falls, Canada?

    Great! I knew there had to be one somewhere. Thanks,
  12. Tackle store in Niagara Falls, Canada?

    Yeah they'd have the stuff. I'll be fishing the lower Niagara and Bar from the Canadian side and was looking for someplace I could drop in quick maybe a couple times during the week.
  13. Can anyone direct me to a good tackle store in Niagara Falls Ontario? Would really prefer to not cross the border into NY. Looking for standard trolling gear, dipseys, rods/reels, downrigger gear.... Ed
  14. Boat flags and junk rods

    A color and put a "Cu" on it.
  15. Home made down rigging board?

    I use the traxtech mounting system. Berts is basically the same. You wouldn't regret using these. I have the inserts for them when out on a family cruise, but can easily slide my d/r mounts and rod holders in when needed.