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  1. Jobena. I have been on the lake since 1988. I have a 24 foot Thompson and stay at K&G campground. I am getting old but plan to stay around as long as I can. My home port is Wright's Landing in Oswego.
  2. No,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they were QUEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That PC enuf fer ya!!!!!
  3. Of course it's a sad state. And as long as we keep on voting the way we do, the state will be even worse. 20 years ago folks had money. They wanted "change" they voted Obama. They GOT change...............Happy now???????????????
  4. This year seems WAY worse that last year. I pulled earlier that I had planned and I understand I've been joined by others. Fish were/are few and far between. Next year will be a better year,,,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe!!!! Have a great and safe winter everyone.
  5. Welllllllllllllllllllllll, I'm 65 and I "DO" remember those days well and we as a society are virtually doomed if we don't get back to living that way. I can remember fishing with a can of worms, a stick, string, and a bent up safety pin. Now that was simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I bought one of these a couple years back. It helps to answer many questions, but there is still room for debate. http://www.xtackle.com/precision-trolli ... 5QodV1g7vQ
  7. Here's to the QUEENS of the lake!!!!!!!!!!!! Fixed it fer ya!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Steph, My wife, Nancy, and I were in the shop you work at and bought the Crazy**** fly and a Carmel Dolphin Spin Dr. You introduced yourself then and the two of us thought it was GREAT to meet the lady the fly was named after. It was a pleasure to meet you. Saturday the waters weren't friendly so Nan and I stayed dockside. For lack of anything better to do, we decided to go to the weigh-in. What a GREAT decision that was. What a sight for a weekender to see all the boats come in and drop off the coolers. Far more organization that even the pro-am tournament. At least the pro-am of late. While there, Nan and I overheard a couple of staff members talking and this is what we heard. "Over 30 boats in this tournament and more likely than not, the ONLT team we will NOT have a problem with will be the Team Crazy****. The reason behind it is that they are all women and they THINK". What a compliment that was for your team. For years my two kids played school sports. One boy and one girl. I always took great pride watching girls play for exactly that reason. The girls thought out the game and played with their heads. Your team was in 8th place on Saturday. You did NOT give up and your TEAM pulled off a well deserved victory. Congratulations to all of you. Steve and Nancy Schofield Jobena!!!!!
  9. Several years ago I had a guy checking my boat out very carefully while my son and I were setting tackle. Everytime I would look at him, he would look away. As soon as I went about my business he would go back to looking things over. I told my son to get out the flare gun. He handed it to me and I loaded it. I laid it on the doghouse and told my son that if anyone messed with the boat don't hesitate to let one go. As soon and this guy heard the conversation, he was long gone. I gave up leaving my boat in a slip several years ago. I don't have much, but I don't want to lose what I do have.
  10. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: JOBENA============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):June 19,20,21 Time on Water:12 hours Weather/Temp:partly cloudy Wind Speed/Direction:S/W 5-10 Waves: 1-2" Surface Temp: 60/64 Location: East of Oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits:8 Total Boated:8 Species Breakdown:Skippy kings, mature king, and steelhead Hot Lure: SSW and Chicken wing dipsey diver and #00 chrome dodger 300' back 30# wire Trolling Speed: 3.0-3.4 Down Speed: 2.5-2.9 Boat Depth: 240-304 FOW Lure Depth: 100/105 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== We had a great weekend. Weather and lake were wonderful. Fish were there. Saturday we caught several skippys. All were released to grow and fight another time. Sunday was about the same until around 11 AM, when all hell broke loose on my port side dipsey. It was set at 300' back #2 setting,, with a Seasick Wobbler and a #00 chrome prism dodger, and before I could get to the rod, the readout was posting 450' and still going. It finally stopped at 525' and I started reeling and pumping. I got it back to about 300 and it ran again. the run was shorter. Only out to about 400". Started the fish back and this time when I got back what the fish took it came to the net without another struggle. Monday my wife and I went back for more. More skippies and more skippies. Then on the starboard dipsey the drag sounded off, same setting, same everything except the lure this time was a Chicken Wing. Took a sleek 25" steelhead. We continued trolling and things were quiet. I decided to toss over a couple sliders. On one went another SSW and on the other was a "no-name" hot orange lure with a gold ladderback and gold sparkles. The result was another nice steelhead for my wife. Beautiful fish at just about 8 pounds.
  11. Thanks for the update, Ray. Bob, from what I read here and the contributions you make to the LOU threads I know you're a positive guy with a willingness to help others. So with that said, I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you nothing but the best. Good luck and again, I wish you a speedy full recovery!!!!!
  12. I have only met Bob once that I remember. Very friendly and knowledgable fellow. I am in with everyone else and wish Bob a speedy recovery.
  13. Best bet is scupper failure. I told jim, that if it were my boat, the first thing I would do is remove the rubber diaphragm and replace is with a solid plate, seal it up tight and be done with it. There really isn't a need for them in my opinion. There was no through hull transducer added and the bilge pump was functioning properly. Because of the submersion, the electrical system shorted and everything was working. Downriggers had to be unplugged and eventually, the batteries were disconnected.
  14. My wife I lent Jim and and Marianne a hand on getting things squared away. Nobody knows for sure what had happened to sink the boat. The good news is that the Rookie brothers REALLY know their stuff. The Oswego Fire Dept, and the police were there to help and also did a fantastic job. The boat was raised and nothing on board was lost. Jim has a bullet proof insurance policy and is covered. Both engines (I/O and 9.9 kicker) were drained and restarted. The boat will be completely re-wired, and in a few weeks, it will be a bad memory.
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