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  1. Congrats - certainly unique and cool [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Should have mentioned that within 1 hour of Rochester [ Post made via Android ]
  3. A buddy of mine and myself are looking for a charter to take our 2 kids (10 & 12) and us on a late August. I have reached out to ReelEasy and Irish Pride. Any other suggestions we should consider? [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Looking for an inexpensive travel trailer to use as a hunting camp. If you have something you are looking to get out of your yard please send me a PM
  5. Hunted Saturday morning came upon a major scrape line that had been worked hard overnight, early morning. Saw a doe chased (never saw a buck) out of the corn field I was watching. Saw a 1.5 year old 6 pt working another scrape line. I would say the activity is picking up. This was NW Steuben county. Oh by the way good hunt to start the year - 30+ turkeys, a buck and a great day to be in the woods
  6. Thanks guys. I have looked around the east arm of the bluff a fair amount with a trolling motor looking for fish and searching the various depths. Even when I have found bait I haven't been able to find fish. It is certainly more difficult to find fish. I'm not interested in pulling copper so I may have to go back to trolling. Now I will say that the shore line fishing for pan fish has provided some entertainment but just haven't found the lakers.
  7. A couple of years ago I did real well jigging for lakers on Keuka. However, the past year it has been extremely slow and in the spots where I used to see a dozen boats each morning there are basically none. Is anyone still jigging keuka? I certainly understand if you don't want to give up specifics publicly. I'm just looking for general information. Of course if you are willing to share please feel free to PM me and I will share what I know. TAP '85 Montauk w/Blue canvas front
  8. Fishing out of my buddies boat and he doesn't have a VHF. Work has had me on the road and haven't been able to get my boat in yet. Do you fish Keuka on a regular basis may try to catch up later in summer?
  9. Planning to fish Keuka on Saturday morning if anyone has has fished lately I would appreciate an update. Basic plan is start by jigging near the bluff. If that doesn't produce we may either troll or go in search of perch. Any help would be appreciated either by posting or PM
  10. I just got my Z7 and love it. SWEET Shooting bow. Barrett's Bowhunting on Lake St Horseheads/Elmira has them for $799. They spent the time to ensure it was steup to my liking and answered all of my questions, good guys. If you buy used or on-line remember the warranty is not transferrable.
  11. Go to archerytalk.com They have a classified section you should be able to search on your bow and see what others are asking. Good luck.
  12. I've fished Saranac and Fish Creek Ponds but it has been several years but about this time of year. Targeted pike with an occasional small mouth thrown in for good measure. Typical lure was a spinner bait with a twister tail and spoons with a wire leader. Don't over look the creek at Fish Creek, engines are only allowed so far up stream but the fishing was well worth the work to go beyond. Beautiful lakes and country let us know how you make out. Good luck.
  13. Hit the east side of the bluff this morning, jigging. Landed 4, and lost another 4. Standard setup, with most fish on the bottom. Only notable was that found one in 84' of water. Good luck and let us know how you do.
  14. I will be out this weekend, I'll be in the Whaler. Anyone been out over the past several days that would be willing to provide an update? All info is greatly appreciated.
  15. Fished this morning. Was only to fish a little more than an hour until the wind came up blew us off. Once we located them we did very well!!! In the last 20 minutes we ended up with 4 in the boat. Overall we went 5 for 7 between the green barn and the old power plant. Best lure (4 of the 5) was a silver E-jig from pro-troll. This was the first time I have used them and they out fished the standard flukes big time.
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