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  1. Well good luck up there .I have been thinking about heading up there to try my luck on the eyes . my uncle always dragged worm harnesses for eyes . you may want to repost this in warm water section for more feedback Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Going up Thurs afternoon .going to troll for a bit .but if the lake is flat and I find some fish I may switch to jigging Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Thanks for the report .gotta get back up there soon Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Silver

    nice pike . never fished up there
  5. Keuka

    good report Marty . I might get up there this week .
  6. Keuka

    good report Marty . I was up Saturday trolling and got skunked . very rare for Keuka . Hope to redeem myself in a couple weeks .Going to be jigging more this year
  7. thanks Guppy35 . best news I have heard in a long time . Might have to go up soon myself
  8. keuka is still iced up . really itching to get out . might get some early stream fishing in on the upper Genesee first .
  9. fished the south end mon night and wed morning . stayed near the drop off as weather was iffy on Monday . Did not mark much nor did I catch any thing that day . ran spoons on riggers and dysies . Tuesday tried for some panfish mid day on south end . we caught a few small perch and blue gills . Wed morning back trying for trout . tried spoons and flies .still nothing to show for my effort . fished the south end .and up across from the condos . marked some fish in tight up there 90-50fow . no bites never moved a rod while trout fishing other than to change stuff . Was some debris both days not happy with the launch ramp situation at woodville . you would think they would have had a second dock for this holiday period
  10. Cowanesqee lake just across the stateline Pa.has musky and bass .
  11. Keuka

    I usually do quite well on west branch too . just got turned onto honey bee spoons . they seem to work well too .
  12. water temp was about 50 . I did ok today getting 10 lakers .most were on mag dypsie with flasher fly combo back 275 - 350 . got a couple on spoons off the riggers down about 150' over 180 - 200' of water . Saw a few guys jigging doing well too . "
  13. oh so they are on the south end . how is the launch at the hotel?
  14. this is what it is all about . please take a child fishing <iframe src="" width="226" height="400" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  15. Got a late start on Keuka yesterday . Got to the lake about 11 am and fished until 8pm . took a couple of new fishing partners with me . Michael (15) and Travis(11) . We trolled flies and spoons and found the bite very tough for Keuka .Ended up boating five fish but both boys said they would go again . So I guess it was a great day fishing