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  1. Guys let's give Kevin some credit here... He's built a great tournament and is protecting us from ourselves.... I'm a prime example of when the Canadian customs want to be dicks they can be.... I was fined a grand a few years ago because the 15 minutes it took me to dock and get to a phone was " too long", not to mention the moron had no clue what an enhanced license was.

    I had planned to fish canada too but at least we know in advance and can plan accordingly.... Kevin isn't the one to blame it's the candian border system

  2. As most of you have seen we are excited to be part of the Lake Ontario Championship Series. Sodus is humbled to be part of this new great series.

    we are also excited to announce that we will be offering a grand per day Wednesday through Sunday the week of the sodus pro am. For a $100/boat each team can compete for a grand, or 5 g's if lucky enough :).

    Also we will be trying something new by offering a tournament-wide Calcutta. We will be doing a play off from the 333 challenge and have teams weigh in 3 fish during Saturday and Sunday. Each team will weigh only 3 fish all of which can be one day or combined between the two. Our hope is by bringing both divisions together for a little friendly competition which will increase camaraderie amongst the teams and give the am's a shot to compete against the pro's.

  3. As director of the Sodus Pro/Am I can promise everyone that there wasn’t any communication infractions were brought up...except for some unfortunate weather ( such as waves and wind destroying our tent) the tournament ran smooth and we would like to thank all the teams that attended this year’s pro/am. Although doubtful, if teams did communicate it will eventually be known and they will not be accepted back to Sodus.


    If one reads into the article it is obvious that Hilts is writing this merely to try and sway Orleans to stay open communication. Orleans is a prime example of why there’s a huge need for closed to communication due to tough fishing conditions that often greet us there.


     As Tom has stated earlier closed communication is the way of the future and if some closed minded fabricators want to try and stop change then they have another thing coming. Oswego and Sodus were the first pro/am’s to actually listen to what the competitors wanted in a tournament and no matter what Bill Hilts and his buddies want to write we will continue our quest to provide a tournament that the majority wants. We brought back closed communication and the amateur division and saw some teams that have been missing far too long. We look forward to building back the trust that Hilts and his cronies ruined and make the pro/am’s vibrant again.

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