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  1. I got laid off last year right before the opener and missed it. I won't miss it this year! Come on the first Sat in May!!!!! Oswego here I come.
  2. Thanks guys, that had me confused for a while
  3. Pardon my stupidity but what is ESOX? I cant figure it out from the posts. Sorry
  4. I have a place near sandy Pond. I fished a couple times in Oswego Harbor at night for walleyes. In the Break walls. Did OK. I am planning on going up for a week in the spring, either the 2nd or 3rd week in May. I have been researching Henderson Harbor. I have never fished there. Does any one fish there in the Spring? I have a deep V 16' bass boat, would that area be to rough for it. Any advice ?
  5. We headed out on sat in Oswego harbour. We fished from 3:30 to 11:00 at night and did not catch a bass. I am reading reports and NO BASS is the norm this year. I threw on a trout hook and a piece of Night crawler and Goobies every cast, every where we went. Never seen the bass fishing this bad. Any thoughts? Goobies Egg eaters? Just not there? OR I just SUCK at bass fishing.
  6. You just can't put "only" in front of 6 decent steely's and an 11 pounder. Thats a day people dream of.
  7. I have a place near there. My brother stayed at one of the cottages behind the golden fish last summer. The owner showed him the other place, the lake front place. He is going to rent that this summer. He liked it. He did tell me that there is a LOT of steps leading up to it. It is not in Mexico it is at the mouth of the Salmon River. Hope this helps.
  8. I just can't imagine a fishery, even the alaska oceans, with one boat sustaning a catch of " 75 tons of pollock " on a regular basis. I feel bad when I hook 1 fish deep and can't release it.
  9. I got my 2007 NY Fishing Licence OHH YAA !!!
  10. Hello Everyone, I am a new member and I would just like to introduce myself. I have a camper on a permanent place in Sandy Creek township. I spend alot of my summer weekends there. We fish out of Mexico Bay alot for Smallies. I am looking forward to parcipitating in this forum and learning. Hopefully I can get into some trolling for Browns and such. Thanks for having me. Duane the40man
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