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  1. But it is ok if they are Northerns on Conesus in someone else's back yard ?I have only fished Long Pond a couple of times but doesn't it flow in to Lake Ontario where fish can replenish ?

    Apples and oranges..... 3400 acres vs. 130 acres....

    Yes the ponds flow into Lake O. but the fish spawn in the ponds. Picking off the breeding fish where they spawn will hurt the population in a hurry. Haven't seen a truly good year class of fish in these ponds in about 5 years, much of which is the result of the mayhem brought on by the internet.....

  2. There are eyes in the ponds? :o

    I can understand Gamblers concern about naming small bodies of water on here. It is really no different then naming small tribs (I think most are in agreement about using careful judgement and the consequences that may result) with the exception that I believe 90 % of icefisherman are catch and keep vs. the majority of stream anglers are C &R. To think all waterways can handle constant pressure is foolish and not reasonable. Some are large enough that can (Ontario, Fingers, Onieda, etc.) others...no way.

    I have seen results of cherry topped whipped cream reports on the 'IcePanty' forum and it seems rediculous, but the truth is that there are actually guys on there will drive an hour or more to fish a puddle if someone tells them they are catching them. You would think perch shat gold or something. It is not so much the concern of overharvesting always that is bothersome, it is the disrepect many of these anglers bring. I see more fishing violations and disrespect for our waters. in one season on the ice than I do in 5 seasons fishing open water. garbage left on the ice, fish left on the ice, 4 wheelers cutting through private property, undersize fish kept, fish kept over the limit, cheating in contests, etc. etc. etc. I am by no means stereotyping, but this has been my personal experience.

    A prime example was the debacle at Cranberry a couple years ago when word got out that there was a decent perch bite. Ask the residents that live there what they think of icefisherman. I bet they have a sour taste in there mouth. Guys had the nerve to park on peoples front lawns disobey the posted signs to access the pond, and the refuse left on the ice from some of the jerks found its way onto these peoples waterfront in the spring. Wasn't until the Greece police showed up a few times until things got in order.

    Like you say Bloodshot, there are a heck of alot of great guys and gals on the ice and I believe them to be the majority, but there are also a bunch of jerks that disrepect the resources. The ponds are in no way equivilent to the size of the fishery that Lake Ontario is. Won't be long before access to the pond is lost due to situations like Cranberry.

    Just remeber....The internet doesn't filter the respectful fisherman from the disrespectful ones. Whatever you post gets read by EVERYONE, so if you don't want some of the rift raft in your back pocket, or ruining it for the majority, just make generalized posts and not specifics. Leave specifics for the PM feature...

    In regards to the perch, There are some there. But like some of the lifelong residents have told me...they have always been there. One of the reasons why word has never gotten out is that they aren't many. They are primarily a by-catch and are usually only caught on occasion while panfishing or for bass etc. Anyone thinking they can go there and get a couple quick limits won't be back by there 2nd or third attempt at catching one I guarantee. So many better perch waters around to be too concerned about a couple of undersized marble eyes swimming in this mud puddle.

  3. Lake ususally doesn't freeze good until mid to late January. No significant ice yet from what I have heard. .....just a bit at the extreme north and south ends. Like all lakes always stay away from the points where small creeks enter the lake.

  4. Musky are not legal either, with no exceptions that I know of.

    Tiger musky are legal on certain lakes. Conesus is a great lake to target them along with bass (legal to ice fish bass on Conesus). Another great lake that produces lots of bass thru the ice is Honeoye (also legal). Can really have fun running for tip-ups when they are biting here.

  5. try using rapala jigs,Best ice lure to use for larger game fish,keep in mind if u want pike u need to use the largest bait possible.

    Respectfully disagree on bait size. Sounds like the kid is just wanting to get into some fish. My best advice is to use bass minnows. That is all we generally use while fishing the ponds and Braddocks. They are big enough where the pike take them without hesitation, but small enough that big jack perch, bass, or walleye will also.

    I would also reccomend trying Braddocks if you want pike. The ponds have them but not in the aboundance that Braddocks does. Try the marina right off E. Manitou Rd. There will also be more guys there and you can learn from others. I fish this area quite a bit. Feel free to PM if you want.

    For bait try Mitchell's on Lake ave. in Charlotte or the deli store between Braddocks marina and Cranberry on E. Manitou has them.

  6. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:




    Date(s): Oct 2nd

    Time on Water: 4:30-7pm


    Wind Speed/Direction:


    Surface Temp: 59

    Location: Genesee and west

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 5

    Total Boated: 3

    Species Breakdown: Browns

    Hot Lure: Smithwicks

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: shallow

    Lure Depth: in the water



    Lots of debris and lack of salmon at the mouth so we switched to a spring-like program and boated a few nice browns in great fall colors.






  7. Those pics are a reminder how much we need to THANK or miltary boys and girls for their service ,,

    Ditto that...Land of the free!

    It is an awesome part of the country to spend some time at if anybody has never been.

    Thanks for the compliments guys. Just starting to learn the camera.

  8. looks like a few of us from the western New york kayak fishing association ( fishgator.ning.com) will be kayak fishing for salmon and trout Sat. morning, launching from charlotte beach

    Just be aware that there will be the Spanish Armada out there.....combat fishing at it's finest. You would be much better off trying the mouths of some of the smaller tribs in my opinion and have it all to yourselves. PM me if you need some hints....

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