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  1. I'll take the spindoctors I sent aPM with my phone number. Call me. Thanks
  2. State of the lake meetings http://readme.readmedia.com/DEC-Announc ... gs/2065130
  3. Our team is looking for an Observer also. Send a PM if interested. Thanks We have our observer.
  4. The puzzling dilema that throws me the curve is: Structure,currents and river flows vs spring summer and fall seasons. Love to figure that picture out each time I leave port.
  5. Thanks Vince.You have a great holiday also.I plan to have the boat in a slip in Olcott by first Sat. in May.See you then.
  6. Hey guys I'm ready for warm weather and soft water Now!!!!!!!!!! Trouble Shooters team is in. Check sent.Sounds like a great Tournament. Thanks for the Invite.See you in May.
  7. Jim If you could mention the year and post some good pictures you would stand a better chance of selling it.
  8. I have a used Raymarine DS500x color video fishfinder for sale.I'll post pictures and price tomorrow.It is only a year old and came with a boat I bought in May.Transducer is new and never in the water.
  9. Happy birthday Clarke.How young????? LOL
  10. Dipsey rods were sold. Fish 307 Downrigger rod 9 ft. medium action -NEW NEVER USED $30\ on sale now for $75 at fish 307
  11. David, As a graduate engineer with 40 years of experience dealing with power plant equipment these should not be placed in the waters of the great lakes. Environmental and maintenance considerations should require on shore locations. Let’s not jump into what may sound like a good idea to the financial bottom line of the power companies only to create a future monster that the taxpayers will have to fix. Thanks for service and consideration. E-mail sent
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