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  1. A really good outfitter.They have Rio's and Eastern's and Hybreds also.Thanks guys.
  2. Great time and Hunting-tons of Turkeys
  3. Tom, I'm never too old to learn.Sharing is a different issue.
  4. Brendan, Good move and right near the pressbox.You should do well since a lot us have lunch there.Best of Luck.I'll see you when I can.
  5. Sorry Glen just sold all the lures to soldier who just got back from Afganastan.And it's great he'll get to enjoy them.
  6. The sneak peak I previewed this morning looks like a great deal of good things happening by some very dedicated people.I'm sure it will lead to a super new website.Can't wait for the finished version.
  7. R&R $45 includes shipping. Flashers 8" Hot Spot and Challenger $45 includes shipping send PM if interested. Thanks
  8. Still too many lures -and also not enough time to use them all. Honeybees and gold stars Sold Speedy shiners $20 includes shipping Send PM if interested.
  9. Happy Birthday Pat Did Jerry give you the used hat he dyed green just for you.OPPS I probably spoiled the surprise.have a great day.
  10. Oswego is starting to clear.check out the link below. http://lighthouse.selfip.org:81/top.htm ... 2006:17:01
  11. Interested in your boat-need price e-mail [email protected] in Oswego Ny area
  12. Jerry, Please tell me Kristen bought you a new hat for your birthday.And no I don't want the 2009 model. Happy birthday.
  13. Rick Have you tried some of the bass boat sites.There's a bunch.This one's not too expensive. http://bassboatoutlet.com/sell.htm
  14. Rick / Craig Just heard about your Dad's accident last night.Good guy.Hope he has a speedy recovery.look forward to seeing Rich this Spring. He's in my Prayers.
  15. Congratulations Paul and Christie.Absolutely beautiful little guy.He'll be on the boat with you sooner than you think.Good luck and keep up the good work.
  16. I entered using the KOL website.Total using Credit card comes to approx. $565 U.S. funds including big fish Friday.They follow up with an e-mail requesting Team info.It was very easy. We'll be fishing. Team Trouble Shooters
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