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  1. We are thinking about trailering over to sodus point to fish for browns on Thu - can someone give me some info about the various Launch Ramp options/conditions? Thanks Ted
  2. We are looking to make or first outing of the year this coming Fri . I was planning to fish south end of cayuga out of Treman . Has anybody been doing any fish?? Thanks in advance for the help
  3. if they are vinyl coated I think they are fishtracker weights. I ran them exclusivly back in the later 80's & early 90's and have yet to find a 12# wieght that tracks any better( i let them go when I sold my big boat). You can bend the tails slightly to get them to track out from the boat- just make sure you dont get them on the wrong sides
  4. 10 Diawa SK786GL 8 1/2 ft Medium action D/R rods - 8 Rods have been gently used - 2 Rods are new in the bag ** $25.00 per pair ** 2 Cabelas 8 1/2 ft Medium action D/R rods - Brand New ** $20.00 for the pair ** Located in Webster NY Contact me thru PM if interested
  5. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Blue Heron ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 9/5 Time on Water: 6:30 - 1:00 Weather/Temp: partly cloudy to clear Wind Speed/Direction: 10+SW shifting ot NW Waves: 2ish /calming Surface Temp: 70ish Location: Off Ibay 84 - 140 fow LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: not many Total Boated: 3 Species Breakdown: 1 brown & 2 skipper kings Hot Lure: not today Trolling Speed: 2.1 - 2.4 ( at the probe) Down Speed: Boat Depth: 85 - 140 Lure Depth: 60 - 105 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== I had the pleasure of hosting FLXTROUTMAN and one of my neighbors today for a trip out off Ibay - unfortunately I wanst a great host and we did not do well . Perhaps should have gone deep . What fish we did see were all glued to the bottom Some days you get the bear - some days the bear gets you !! On a bright note this was my first trip running the new X4 probe on my FH840 and it worked perfectly - no jumping around on speed or temp, no interrupted signals
  6. Fishing Report - 9/2 I-Bay Your Name / Boat Name: Blue Heron ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9/2 Time on Water:6:30 - 10:30 Weather/Temp: sunny Wind Speed/Direction: 10 -15 sw ( died down to 5 about 9am) Waves: 2 -3 clming to less than a foot Surface Temp: 71 Location: NNE off Ibay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated: 4 Species Breakdown: 3 Kings / 1 Coho Hot Lure: Gator SD/Attomik tourney Hammer fly Trolling Speed: 2.1 (GPS) Down Speed: N/A Boat Depth: 90 - 110 Lure Depth: 79 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== took the small boat out solo - was supposed to be calm with wings light and variable - sure didnt start that way. Had 1 knock off between 6:30 & 9 fish took about 2 seconds of drag and was gone. About 9 it started to calm down and things went a little nuts . Hooked up on a double 20ish king and 10ish coho ( king was on SD combo mentioned above, coho was on Carmel Dolph nk)- both fish released , reset and went back thru where I had hooked up, poped another king on the SD combo , about 23# - released . Reset and went thru there again and a fish buried the SD combo rod and went for the bottom - fought fish for about 20 min ( cleared other rod 1 handed during fight) including 1 full trip around the boat - finally boated king about 25# at that point I opted to head for port Sorry no pictures - took the camera out of the boat bag and took off without it ;-(
  7. I believe the wieghts you are refering to were made by a guy in trumansburg NY named Mark Dresser - I dont beleve he makes them anymore
  8. Name: Ted English Boat Name: Blue Heron Name Origin: Blue & Gray boat named for the birds that always catch many fish around our dock on Cayuga lake Boat Make: Crestliner G/L Saber Home Port: Ibay but trailer both east & west Years Fishing Lake "O"- 20+
  9. I was planning to install track systems on my boat this spring. I feel it will give me more flexibility in placement of rod holders & Out/downs and also allow me to try out a 3 rigger vs 4 rigger setup.My currnet rigger swivels are thru bolted and my Cannons are locked on to the bases. My rod holders mount with a allen bolt. because of this it would be rather difficult for someone to 'borrow' my equipment As i thought about it it struck me that the track system would appear to make it far easier for equipment to be removed quickly without my consent. How are folks handling this?? Thanks ted
  10. Rob i put a pair of Mag5's on the back of my boat last year and did exactly what you are looking at They went right on the bases for my Mag10's - I then moved my 10's on to the sides The speed on the new ones is almost frightening
  11. I recently came into possession of an older 18' Aluminum Boat that I am using as a 'play boat' on the fingerlakes. As with most older rivetted boats it seems to take on some water when I am out fishing or cruising. I have seen some hull paints listed in marine catalogs that say they seal up these kind of leaks - one brand I have seen is called Golvit Has anyone tried them - how did they work??
  12. I have run cannons on all my rigs for years and recently added 2 Mag5HS to one of the boats - YES the switches a a might bit touchy Other than that I love the new HS units
  13. The Blue Heron will be launching out of Ibay about 5:45 am fri morning - will keep in touch on ch 8
  14. First weekend in Aug is a great idea - I always thought this was the best weekend on the lake Aurora Lyons club used to hold a derby then and it was a ball
  15. Name is Ted English Boat Name is Blue Heron - a 20'Crestliner Sabre G/L - Blue & Gray I grew up in Ithaca and learned to fish Trout and Salmon on Cayuga lake. Used to fish Ontario alot on the 80's ( the Bar and Oswego/Sodus) but ultimately sold my big boat and didnt fish much at all in the 90's. Moved to Penfield in 2004 so I am kind of starting over at this - many things have changed but some of the old tricks still seem to work. Look forward to all the good info shared on this site
  16. I will have my boat on cayuga from Memorial day thru Mid Aug ( then back to big O) . If the date falls right I would certainly be up for the challenge and an opportunity to meet some folks Boat Name and Call sign is Blue Heron - I fish out of Poplar Beach Another great launch is Deans cove on the west side - there are usually fish on the structure right outside the launch
  17. After 30 years of owning Ford 150s & 250s I got totally disgusted with the quality and lack of support from ford when issues occurred. I 2003 I bought a new Tundra extended cab 4wd with the Iforce v8 - it is a superior truck. It tows my 20' Crestliner ( about 2500#) like a dream and easily handles my 7000# dump trailer . It is far superior in creature comfiorts and as smooth as a car on the road. I love the lines of the Ford and would still be driving in if they bothered to build them decent but they want too much money for what they deliver At this point I will stay with Toyota
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