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  1. last time I was looking for a spool of 20# I found some at B&E on rt104
  2. Cleaning out the storage area in garage and have the following items for sale Gray folding fishing seat with 3/4 pin pedestal base and 11" post - $15 Two tone high back folding fishing seat - sand/brown - $15 Springfield 1.77" seat base ( new in package) - $15 Springfield 1.77" Power rise pedestal ( 13 - 20") - $40 Springfield 1.77" Offset seat pedestal (14") - $15 Two Plastic flush mount rod holders (30* - new in package) - $5 for the pair Pick up in Webster'Rochester area or buyer pays shipping PM me here if interested
  3. I have 2 victrola rigs that I have been moving and storing for the last 10 years and they need to go - both work fine $25 ea - Buyer picks up in Webster/Rochester area or pays shipping PM me here if interested
  4. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Blue Heron on Reel Peace II ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):6/24 Time on Water:5:30 - 13:00 Weather/Temp: warm/breezy Wind Speed/Direction: 10 - 20 SW to Northwest Waves: 1 - 2 Surface Temp: 70.6 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Total Boated: 6 Species Breakdown: Kings, Steelie, Coho Hot Lure: Gator SD/Fly Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.5 Boat Depth: 130 - 180 Lure Depth: asstd ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Fished aboard my old boat with its new owner Mike and fishing buddy Chuck. Ran straight out from creek and started setting in 100 fow headed NW . Two decent kings on first hour ( 20 & 23.5) off wires w/ Gator SD/fly and 42snd SD/fly. Then things turned into more of a grind - a couple of steelies in next couple of hours but picture between creek and nose was anemic. Moved east and shallower and found good picture on 130fow off can - boated a couple of coho one off wire and one off 10 color down shoot. As morning progressed fleas on rigger rods( 30# line) became unmanageable- I have never seen them so bad - if rod was in water 15 min you needed to strip fleas multiple times to reel it in
  5. Yep - I routinely sharpen - and these were sharp - they will skewer anything including fingers, pants, etc - as I thought more about it I have had a bad time this spring staying buttoned up on the moonshine lures - struggled last time out staying hooked up on the rachet jaw??????? Was out today - 6 for 6 - mostly paddle fly Oh well - life happens
  6. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Blue Heron ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6/21 Time on Water: 7:00 - 11:30 Weather/Temp: Hot , breezy, calming later in morning Wind Speed/Direction: 10+ SW Waves: 1+ early - settling down later in morning Surface Temp: 68 Location: Creek to Water Plant LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 9 Total Boated: 5 Species Breakdown: Kings & Steelie Hot Lure: Asstd Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.2 - 2.4 Boat Depth: 130 - 170 Lure Depth: 50 - 80 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Day started rather poor as action was slow, a little bumpy, and we dropped the first 4 fish but then got our act together and went 4 for 5 in last hour . One low 20's king, a couple of teenagers and a nice steelie Bst lures were Gator SD/Fly on 250 wire and 42snd SD/Fly on a 230 wire . We had 3 hits on Carbon 14 Moonshine on a 70' rigger but could not keep them buttoned up
  7. I am with Ray on this - I have taken pieces of 2x4 and worked them to match the curvature of the boat side - I then drilled the boat side and screwed thru into the 2x4 with fender washers under the screw heads - you can then clamp holders on to this ( use existing down east holders) or you can screw other holders to the 2x4 - it has worked well on my 14' boat.
  8. IMO you will be happier with the kicker or trolling bags . I have used a plate , trolling bags, and a kicker and the plate would be my third choice . The kicker gives you more control and additional saftey as you can always get home, it will also be very frugal on gas costs. Trolling bags will help stabilize your starcraft in the more choppy conditions and are a less expensive option on initial outlay but you need to be sure that your IO will handle the hours of running at lower RPM
  9. Guys Watching this thread made me curious about what I had in the old Cayuga box that my father and I had from back in the 80s. I checked and there were a number of suttons in there as follows 9 - sutton 44 5 - sutton 22 10 - sutton 71 4 - sutton 88 3 - sutton 5 1 - sutton 6 They are in good shape , there is a mix of all silver and silver with gold backs, there are also a couple of hammer finish in there Growing up in the fingerlakes I realize that there are a revered spoon but to be honest I never had much luck with them So I will let the entire bunch go for $40 ( 1.25/spoon) - Buyer pays shipping or picks up in webster ( these will fit a $4.95 flat rate box ) I will not separate. If no one here wants them I will post them on the classifieds on Mon PM me here if interested Ted
  10. For sale 4 - Diawa Regal Strike 6784 7.5 Foot Med/Light action $30.00/pair or $50.00 for all four 4 - Diawa Regal Strike SK-784 7.5 foot - Medium Action $30.00/pair or $50.00 for all four 2 - Diawa Regal Strike 6786 8.5 foot - Med/Light action $30.00 for the pair Rods are all in nice shape. Pick-up in Webster/Rochester or buyer pays packing/shipping PM me here Thanks ted
  11. I have been using rubber bands on my copper - I use a #16 - when running longer lengths just double them up
  12. I seem to recall an article in GLA on cleaning electronics screens that suggested Maguires cleaner and then using maguires mirror glaze #17 - I have a small bottle of some stuff that came with my new glasses that does a nice job on the screen of my lowrance
  13. I tried copper/leadcore off the outriggers on my lund my last trip out and it worked OK. Since I have fiberglass outriggers I have rigged them with a tag line that runs from the outer end to the bow area of my boat to give them some extra support given the pull of a 300-400 copper. They caught fish . As Mark indicates I have dialed my wire dipseys back to a .5 - 1 setting to keep them in the slot between the riggers and the junk lines - but since they havenot taken any fish the last coupe of trips I cant say for sure if they are a tangle waiting to happen or not I do think that as the summer progresses and we go deeper I will likley go back to my big boards for the coppers and then be able to spread my dispseys wider Ted
  14. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Blue Heron ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):5/24 Time on Water: 07:00 - 11:00 Weather/Temp: Mostly Sunny & warm Wind Speed/Direction: Light Waves: generally flat Surface Temp: 60ish Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 8 Total Boated:3 & 1/2 Species Breakdown: Lakers & Steelie Hot Lure: 42nd Stingray, rachet jaw Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.1 - 2.4 Boat Depth: 80 - 140 Lure Depth: 40 - 65 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Took a buddy and headed out for a short trip. Ran straight out from Sandy to 100 and set 6 rods - 2 riggers with 42nd Stingray and RachetJaw, 2 Dipseys with white Green dot SD & 42nd SD, 300 Copper with Capt Valium SD, 10 COlor with Stingray Gator Wandered out to about 140 on NW troll, one hook up on Rachet Jaw but dropped the fish, fought like a laker. Swung back in and turned back east into about 80 ft and hit a nice laker on the Rachet Jaw, shortly after that hit another decent laker on the Capt Valium on 300 copper, popped another smaller laker on the 42nd spoon, the hit a nice Steelie on the 42nd stingray - we were planning to release the fish but as we went ot net him he went into net, out of net, sent hook screaming into boat and it hooked me in the shirt- we had a good laugh. by 9:30ish things really slowed down , the picture had been good in the 80-100 range but it went pretty much blank, we had 2 other fish on the 42nd stingray in the next hour but dropped them both and at that point opted to clear em and head home No fish on the dipseys - not a common occurance for me - bite was mostly on spoons on the riggers set 50 - 60 Was a beautiful morning out there
  15. 2011 Tohatsu 5hp Outboard Long shaft (20") 5 amp Alternator like new (approx 20 hrs on the motor) Includes Fuel line, 3Gal tank, OB stand and Owners Manual Also has the servo installed for a ControlKing speed controller Asking $1000 OBO I bought this OB new in spring of 2011 to use as a kicker on my PolarKraft multispecies boat. It worked very nice on that rig. Shortly after rigging it on the PolarKraft I fell in love with a Lund and swapped boats . I intended to use this as the kicker on the new Lund but ultimately decided to go with an 8hp kicker so I could get Elec Start. I winterized this and stored it in the garge Just got it out and it started right up so its ready to go PM me here with your contact info and I wil get right back to you
  16. Had another good outting on Cayuga this morning - Gorgeous day on the water!! Fished 6:30 - 10:30 out of myers - focused on the cove in front of the salt plant. Has a serious case of the dropsies today going 4 for 9 - a decent average for a pro ball player but no so good for trout Same set up as last week 4 flat lines with body baits and 2 lines 40 - 50 back 4 - 8 down on the riggers. The riggers were the hot set ups and the #2 ring around the rosey evil eye was the hot spoon taking 6 of the 9 hits . The rigger hits were bordering on savage The 4 fish we boated were nice fish a 3ish LL, a 5ish LL, a 7+ LL and a big brown ( see picture) - this is clearly the biggest brown I have taken in Cayuga in 40 years of fishing it. All fish returned , all Lampreys summarily dispatched - and yes there is a major lamprey issue on cayuga For reference the net in the picture has a 22" wide hoop
  17. There was a log in center lake off Myers this morning that would sink a cruiser if you hit it at speed - the good news is that there were numerous seagulls sitting on it si it was easy to see
  18. I am looking for some 7 to 8 ft wire diver rods - can anybody suggest a good source local and or online Thanks Ted
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