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  1. SOLD For Sale Pair of Cannon Swivel Bases - nice shape $50.00 for the pair PM me if interested Thx Ted
  2. SOLD For Sale 2 Cannon MiniMag Downriggers with Base Plates, full wiring harnesses, 10 lb weights Riggers are in nice shape, have been lightly used $200 for the pair PM me if interested Thanks Ted
  3. One other thing to consider is number of cylinders - I started with 6hp 4stk on my lund and while it pushed the boat fine it was a single cyl and ran a might 'rougher' than the 8hp 4 stk I now have which is a 2 cyl - the 8hp is much smoother and also seems a little quieter
  4. the mounts are made by traxtech ( my lund dealer stocked them) - they are designed to mount a traxtech track directly to . The top of the track is 2" above the top of the gunnel . I have 24" tacks mounted - unfortunately the location of the gas filler on my lund limits my abitilty to mount the track farther back - I would have prefered to have a 30 or 36" track but the 24s I have allow me to mount a Rigger and 2 individual Berts rachet holders or a rigger and a titelok triple( for spring board fishing). I have a couple of the lund adapters and have rigged them to hold a down east salty holder but they are no where a nice as the track system
  5. I would suggest reconsidering using the T-rail mounts and a track system - I have such a set up on my rebel and it works exceptionally well for my Riggers, triple trees , and individual rachet holders - they have taken everything lake o can toss and handled it all without a hint of issue. I also had the lund cover for my boat - I had the local canvas shop modify it to fit around the track mounts and it also works very nicely
  6. I had a trollmaster (the basic model) on one of my boats and a controllking on my smaller lund - they were both essentially the same and both worked well - I did like the dial on the control king a bit better as it was a bigger knob and seemed easier to make fine adjustments
  7. we went out of treman yesterday duck hunting - had to break ice to get out and to get back in - by today it will not be useable - water is low
  8. Have you considered using a track system on the gunnels?? I have used all the methods ( board, fixed mount, track system) and the trck system gives much flexibility ,allows quick removal if needed, and leaves the stern open
  9. I have used the heavy duty Harbor Freight one as well as the power winch models 912 & 312 - I dont recommend the HF winch - the heavy duty one does not have a free wheel function and is dog slow!! The Power winch models both wroked great However I agree with Tim - getting one with a strap is a really good idea
  10. Looking for 2 of the Cannon Clamp on bases for their downriggers - want to easily mount a couple of older lake trolls on my 14' aluminum Please PM me if you have a set you would like to part with
  11. check out Atlantic Towers - they have a Hard top in a box that looks nice - http://www.atlantictowers.com/
  12. mariner - all the 7.5 ftrs are gone - sorry
  13. I run 7' uglystiks in light action for my rigger rods and dont believe I loose any more fish that I did fishing with the 8.5' telephone poles I used to use - I also use a set of 7' full roller dipsey rods made be MissEm and they handle thefish as well as my 9.5 & 10 foot dipseys. The shorter rods are much easier to handle in a smaller boat , handle the fish fine, and are a lot more fun
  14. Ive run cannons for 30+years and never had a failure but recently have fished on several boats with Scottys and if you are ok with their physical appearance they seem to be a high quality downrigger and actually seemed to be a little easier to use - as LB88 said its like ford vs chevy
  15. 1 Pair of 10# Pancake weights ( black) - $15/pair 1 pair of 12# Pancake weights ( black) - $15/pair Pick up in Rochester/Webster area (Due to weight doubt anybody wants to pay shipping) PM me here if interested Thx ted
  16. 596 Main Street Fair Haven, NY 13064 (315) 947-6348
  17. Ihave a pair of the Atomik 13# topedos and was considering painting them. As I was starting to get them ready I realized I didnt know what color I wanted to use so i thot I would ask for some opinions. In my fishing 'lifetime' I have run weights in the following colors - Lead, Black, Chartruese, Orange, Yellow - I cant say that I have noticed a significant difference in catch rates . I was considering using some chrome wheel paint on them based on some reports I have seen about how well the chrome sharks work, but I also wonder if stealth black might be a good choice as well What do you guys say ???? Thx Ted
  18. Gator was a SD w/ Fly - was at 180 out on wire dipsey set at 2.5
  19. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Blue Heron ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/12 Time on Water:6:00 - 10:00 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location:Pump house to nose LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 15 Total Boated:13 Species Breakdown:Kings, Steelies Hot Lure: Asstd Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.3 Boat Depth: 185 - 200 Lure Depth: 43 - 65 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== A pretty fair trip off Sandy this AM . Picture was poor ( actually it was flat out anemic) but had a steady pick of fish for first 3 hours - much like Tues once lake laid down at 9ish we went cold on the fish. Had several majors in the bunch of kings we boated . Best lure was Gator SD combo, but white green dot spinny/Tourney TG fly, Moonshine Mag Mongolian beef, and Stngray 42snd all took multiple fish as well. All but 1 fish CPRed
  20. They are nice if your a bass fisherman - if you are fishing trout get a 'conservation' type net ( rubberized/flat bottom ) . As indicated above they are heavy and I have had fish flip out of them
  21. I routinely fish Lake O out of my 16'Lund - was out today . Watch forecast and err on side of caution . I would suggest fishing out of Sandy Creek - great & protected launch, easy access to deeper water - its a long run from I Bay to deeper water and there are many 'Marine challenged' boaters that use that launch
  22. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Blue Heron ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/10 Time on Water:7:00 - 10:00 Weather/Temp:nice - 70's Wind Speed/Direction:light SW Waves: less than 1 going to flat Surface Temp: 73 Location:Creek to Pump House LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Total Boated:4 Species Breakdown:Kings,Coho,Steelie Hot Lure: see below Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.3 - 2.4 Boat Depth: 180 Lure Depth: 40 - 70 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Got out for a short trip with a buddy from down in fingerlakes - didnt get on water til 7ish. Piture was not real good but fishing was good for the first 90 minutes or so . Had a decent Steelie on a Carbon 14 on a rigger at 77. 2 major kings ( upper 20s) on white greendot SD/Tourney TG fly on wire out 200 & Mag Mongolian Beef Moon shine on rigger at 48 and a nice coho on a 42snd sd/fly off the wire out 150 .Also had 2 hit and runs on the wire ( white green dot spinny) Once lake laid down at 9ish the fishing went with it so we headed in Plan to be back out on Thu and will be on water at first light - expect the early bite will be decent
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