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  1. I'll comment for a bump. Absolutely agree with you. Jim was a gentleman for sure. He was always available for a chat. I really like talking to the older fellas who have been around the lake. It was cool to hear his stories about how he and a couple local Captains came up with Honeybees and Optimizer spoons. To this day, I still run both...especially those bright red ones for steelhead offshore. Those green ones are great for browns also. Good luck with the sale ...
  2. I don't need explanations.... It obviously doesn't matter what I, or the numerous other people who have similar opinions have. Jigger... Every time you post season dates there are comments about January dates.. what did you expect would be different this time? I won't waste my time with a phone call... Kinda like when I wasted my time with the survey I filled out....
  3. I know exactly what your doing... Braid is not the way to go. I use two or three rod lengths of #50 mono. I attach it with a small spro barrel swivel. No curly wire... I can run a little lighter leader if I'm running spoons ( the 50# momo has a little stretch). Plus the fleas don't like the 50#.
  4. And yet again.... No January Season for Ducks! I'd say I'm surprised, but I'm not. Glad I wasted my time filling out that survey.
  5. Black.... And if I have another color, I paint them black
  6. If you have the book of faces.... Here's the link...https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083336642657&mibextid=ZbWKwL. I'm sure more marketing is in the future... I'll post updates when I can....
  7. If anyone is looking for a marine survey, I wouldn't look any further. Knowing Capt Brian and seeing the condition of the rig he runs, I wouldn't hesitate to have him survey a rig for me. Anyone purchasing a new ride, should have it surveyed. A detailed and comprehensive survey can save a pile of headaches in the future. Good Luck with the business!!!!
  8. 100%agree.... Whoever warrior uses to plate their spoons does an awesome job... I'm very excited to see how the pirate stack up against spring kings....
  9. I saw some of the paint jobs on the Northern Kingss after the new company took over..... Hmmm... What a shame... I'm glad to hear Capt Dan Kelly brought back the ole Pirate spoons .. they were fish killers... I have been in touch with him and they are working on better paint schemes and durability...
  10. Bob Gilmore used to own Jay Vee.... I don't remember the Mt Hope Store... But I was in Jay Vees on Norton alot.... Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. This Atlantic was caught a couple weeks ago.... 6 years old... Was stocked as an adult this past February out of Port Hope with 80 other adult Atlantics.. There is a ton of bait in the lake.. all different year classes of bait ( I've been closely watching stomach contents this year). Not to mention the fish is Six years old... How big do you think a 6 year old King would be? Just saying..... Yea it was a hatchery fish eating pellets, but it had 6 months to put on size and God knows there it's a tremendous amount of food in the lake this year. The small mouth bass idea is kind of interesting... How great would it be to have that lake fishery back to its status in the 80s and 90s? Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Stan is still in business.... Here's a link... https://trinidadtackle.com/ Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Rob Westcott, Hank, or Chad... Please delete this thread.... Unbelievable... A guy can't post updates on pen rearing with it getting into a full on political debate about somthing no angler or member of this forum has anything to do with. .. God forbid someone tries to keep central basin anglers informed. SMH Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. According to the research Pen reared fish have a greater survivability rate than direct stocked fish... That's the only reason why I think pen rearing is worth it... So let's think this through... I'm part of the guys who show up, get pens ready, dump em in the water....volunteer to hand feed these fish 5 x a day to make sure every part of the pens get feed in them ( auto feeders probably work just as well... I've never seen them work). Most guys who have fished for a long time have seen the decrease in the fall return... So is the imprinting working? No... Even the DEC question it.... So why do we do it? To get a better product into the lake that has a fighting chance to make it to 3 years old. A better product for everyone... Not just Genny basin anglers.. Besides, the muddy water flowing out is a whole lot better at hiding little guys than gin clear waters. In addition.. I'm sure the little guys would do fantastic getting direct stocked in gin clear water from a helicopter ( sarcasm). Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I mentioned Fairhaven.... Sucks man... Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. All Good L.R. I completely understand the frustration from the Sandy Creek fishermen... As well as the others ( Fairhaven...Sodus...ect). I Definetly don't agree with alot of the DEC biologist's theories. I do agree that pen rearing Salmon is an important part of ensuring that the young salmon have a chance at survival... Imprinting? I don't really buy into it but who am I? Just a knuckle dragger who has fished for these critters since the 70s ( very big decline in fall runs). Maybe some things will change in the future... Alewifes keep rebounding, increased Salmon stocking, Steelhead limits returned to 3 ( that's another subject for another topic)... Return of Caledonia ... You know a guy can dream... In the mean time, we deal with the hand we are dealt... Sometimes it's pocket aces.. Sometimes it's seven two off suit. I'm still going to volunteer my time, and sweat to help the salmon... Just like lots of other guys throughout both sides of the lake. Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. No matter rain or sleet or snow.... Our kings gotta eat! Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. First night feeding session for me... Boy were our little guys active! As soon as the food hit the water, they boiled up on it. Really good to see them so active already. Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Stay tuned.... Pirate Spoons are being ressurected by a Lake Erie Captain.. All sizes.... Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. The Genny Salmon pens went in last night.. Good group of lake anglers busted their rear ends to get those pens back in the water this year. We are good to go for the arrival of our Kings the week of April 11. The Genny is an ideal spot for kings to survive predation. Muddy water hides them from aerial threats and the swift river current dumps an out in the lake at a pretty good clip. Have a great season! Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. None what so ever... It might be another terminal end that could possibly fail, however you won't get kinks in the wire when working on your gear ( changing out lures ect)... I change my #50 leaders maybe once a year... I check them every trip for wear marks... Plus I check the wire terminal end every trip.... The other good thing is.... If you get some Yahoo who sets the hook on your wire, there is a little more give depending on how hard they set the hook... I get alot of people who have never caught a fish on a wire diver. I tell people all the time that we don't "Sink the hook" but I always have that guy who thinks he's Roland Martin... Lol..... Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. I put a piece of #50 mono between the wire and swivel leading to diver... Couple of reason why... #1... Can set my drags just a little tighter for better hook ups. The mono stretchs a little and acts as a shock absorber with hard hits.. With regular snubbers, I lost alot of fish... #2... Working on your rods or breaking them down for storage... No pig tailed wire. #3.. When flea season hits a couple rod lengths of #50 mono can keep alot off your rigs... If the fleas are really bad, it won't matter what you have down, they will stick... Hope it helps...Matt Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. I actually use both throughout the year... Now I love the small Chinooks... It's just cool seeing the rod get smoked real close to the boat... I have a theory why it works well in spring... As the boat goes over them, they swim to the sides and pic up that spoon close ... It doesn't work everyday, but more days than not.. In late spring when I'm fishing the upper column for steel on temp breaks, i'll toss out slide divers.. I won't run the diver back far ( depends on the temp break depth) but I might run the spoon back 50ft.. Whatever my rigger leads are, I run the slide divers back 25ft further. Deeper trolling I'm more used to regular divers... Not that the metal chinooks don't work, they Absolutley work mint... I just haven't put a lot of time in testing depths... I have a hard time experimenting on charters... New techniques give me anxiety lol... Pick a method of deployment and master it... More you run stuff the more confident you get... Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. When I ran slide divers, I ran the regular size on the farthest out setting... Lure was 70-75 ft back... In recent years I've been running the Chinook #1 divers for Browns. Today we did well on browns running the Chinooks.. They were 16to 20 feet out.. Lures were about 8ft behind the diver.. There were times I saw the diver in the water next to the boat. Big browns aren't afraid of hitting next to the boat... Good luck this spring. Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  25. Brian... It's great to see someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about the Lake biomass. Thank you for your work you do and also thank you for taking time to talk to us fisherman. Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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