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  1. Should have got a side by side, very reliable.
  2. Browning BSS20, find a nice used one and pay 1500-2000 for it and you won't be sorry, Yes it shoots 3" mags nicely. Holds its value as they keep going up yr after yr.
  3. Where were you guys fishing? I was out there on Sunday. I fish out of Westport MA. Western Buzzards bay.. A bit foggy Sunday but it didn't stop the BSB from biting.
  4. IS BOAT STILL FOR SALE? WOULD YOU KNOW APROX WEIGHT OF RIG WITH TRAILER? My vehicle is only rated for 3500 lbs. Thanks
  5. Would you hazard a guess as to what boat and trailer weighs?
  6. Boat is set up and ready to go. recent pics.
  7. No electronics or tackle. Runs great, fishes great. Not to bad on fuel for size and weight of boat. As listed above
  8. SOLD $12,000. This boat is in great condition, is ready to go with over half full fuel tanks, Well maintained while I owned the boat. Stringers, bulkhead and transom replaced with pressure treated oak, no dings in props. New waste holding tank and toilet rebuilt 2 yrs ago. See everything real nice from flybridge. Has auto pilot with remote control. Very comfortable to sleep on. Loaded with extras like AC, genrator, stove, microwave, 12v/120v refrig, Stand up bathroom. Way to much to list. No electronics or tackle. Runs great, fishes great. Not to bad on fuel for size and weight of boat. Twin 350 volvo penta engines and drive. Onan generator. Coast guard package. All docking lines and taylor boat bumpers. Storage stands included with boat. Twin 110 gallon fuel tanks. Wash down. New canvas top on flybridge. Boat is located at Oswego marina, Oswego NY. 413-896-978five.
  9. Lateron is a charter boat but the guys who won the Atomic where all ams. I own the boat and hire a Capt for any charters booked. The Charters are few and far between as there are LOTS of great charter boats in the area, the few charters help pay for fuel, insurance and slip fees. This worked out OK, not great but OK. The best part is I get to use my boat for fishing when I want. So there where no pros on the boat during the Atomic Tourney. Afterall the only difference between pro and am is being a licensed guide or capt and the amount of entry money involved. JANZ WWW.LATERONCHARTERS.COM
  10. Thanks guys, problem solved, got the I phone gs3. I don't think there's anything it cant do. Works great just have to figure out how to use all the features. Great to zoom in on anything and can read it easy now.
  11. Called ATT and they gave me the bad news about my phone doesn't support pdf files. Now I have to upgrade to another phone. This was a replacement through insurance as my last phone (that this one replaced) supported pdf. Who would have thought to ask that question when getting a replacement phone from the cell phone insurance people. Screwed again.
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