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  1. Yankee, Looks like they want a minimum of 30+ shirts in your order Nick
  2. Hey Rich, Yeah I did a few searches and found big papa's webpage. I just need to figure out what I want. I have a fuzzy picture in my head, I just can't seem to find anything online that says "yeah that's what I want!". Here's another question... I was thinking a windbreaker at first, but then changed my mind because I felt it wouldn't be any good come june/july. So it needs to be lightweight and blood resistant... anyone have any ideas? Nick
  3. The boat is at my dad's place, but welding may not be a bad idea. Unfortunately I can only get up there on weekends, not sure if I'll be able to find someplace. I wanted to fix the metal bracket piece, but if I can't do that in a cost effective manner, I'll probably just replace the hose clamps and try to see if they can hold it tight enough. Nick
  4. Musky, I'll keep her in mind in case I can't find what I'm looking for, but I was looking more for something online that had pics of their styles of writing and pics of other shirt styles, etc. (aka, I lack creativeness and vision ) Nick
  5. Shellback, Thanks for the offer, but I was hoping to find something a lot cheaper than $100. I emailed EasySteer, we'll see what they say. If it comes back mucho $$, I'll start looking at other options (aka liquid nails or more hose clamps) Even broken it worked OK last year as long as I kept the hose clamps tight. Every once in a while though in rough water they would come loose and I'd lose control of the kicker, would have to use the main instaed... was a pain in the butt. Nick
  6. Yup it's an easysteer. I'll need to find the number from them and give them a call, I was hoping someplace online may sell just that part... if not, I wonder if liquid nails would work Nick
  7. I'm looking to pick up a pair of shirts for the ms. and me. Either a windbreaker or just a t-shirt. I'd like to have a chest logo with our boat name and maybe something on the back. Can anyone recommend someplace online? Nick
  8. I broke the band on the steering link from my main motor to trolling motor. Does anyone know where I can buy just the metal band with connector for the main motor? I can find the kit, but they cost $300+, I'm hoping to just replace the broken part. Here are a few pics of it: Nick
  9. Is there a way to connect my handheld to my laptop? I'll be in Wilson for the spring derby, was planning to bring the laptop to take advantage of the wireless at the marina, wouldn't mind giving it a try! Nick
  10. I accidently broke one once, if I remember correctly the inside was just smooth. Imagine putting your line through a piece of PVC. IMO, you have a lot more "rub" on guides... your lines is rubbing over 10 points (if you have 10 guides), where as with the interline, it's rubbing over and infinite #s of points, so it's much smoother. You get a much smoother bend in the rod as well. Nick
  11. I like the interlines. There are two problems though: #1) The biggest problem is when you break off and the line comes out of the rod... it is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS to get the line back through the rod. #2) The fleas foul up the tip, not too bad, but enough where you can't put a spoon in the water and freespool it out, you actually need to yank the rod a bit to get it to pull the line out (also makes #1 even harder). Other than that, I love the feel you get when fighting a fish. I feel the eyelid rods take a lot of the feel out of the fight. You don't really notice it until you use the interlines for a while. I use one of each on my downriggers and prefer to fight a fish on the interline. Nick
  12. Phil, Yeah Wilson is probably two hours west. It doesn't get as rough usually out that way, and if it does, there's always the niagara river to fish in. Just a thought and probably your best bet to "definitely" get tied into a king or two. Sodus should have some browns around, althought the brown fishing last year was miserable. If you do decide to stay with Sodus, we should be up there that weekend as well. Drop me an email/pm closer to april and we'll swap info. Nick
  13. You'll see a big difference in how a fish fights in the river vs. on the lake. Me personally, the only thing I miss with the lake are the jumps (which you can still get sometimes). FYI, we're out of Sodus and the salmon fishing is usually not that great until July. If you want to catch a ton of salmon, head down to Wilson, NY for the first or second week in May. That's what we do, then we put our boat in at Sodus from there until Sept. Nick
  14. I'll have to try nightcrawlers with bloodworm tip this year... with the price of bloodworms at nearly $10/dozen, it's worth a shot! Nick
  15. Ray, We'll have to hook up this year out there. I'm from Poughkeepsie and try to get out at least a few weekends each year for stripers. We've been fishing for them for the last 15 years, last 8 from a boat. Never had the great days you've had, but have always had fun. We usually fish just above or below the newburgh-beacon bridge. Unfortunatley, they run the same time as we head up to the niagara bar (first week in may). But we're hoping to fish the last two weekends in April this year. Will you be out? We've been up to the Kingston/Saugerties area, without much luck... and have to be real careful not to smash up your prob as it gets shallow fast up there. Fished a lot from shore up at Troy during college, keep saying I'll try the damn one of these days. Any clue where to get live herring in the newburgh area? I've never had luck catching them there. Have had to go to Troy or Kingston to catch them, but by the time I get back they're usually dead. So we mostly stick with the bloodworms. Do you use the nightcrawlers straight? Also, I heard circle hooks are mandatory this year. Stix, You're more than welcome to tag along one day. Nick
  16. Diversion, I probably won't get the mount back until Sep '07... it's going to be a long wait! I gave her (FishWish of Mexico, NY) an entire CD of pictures (probably 50 in all) and I'm praying it comes out looking right. I'm extremely afraid I'm going to show up and it will have been painted in fall colors :shock: Yankee, Hell yeah! We booked a slip from the 6th-12th. As long as work doesn't interfere, we should be good to go. Rich, I'll be looking for a big brown and a big coho this year. I'm still regretting the 15lb brown I didn't mount our first year (2005) up at Sodus. It wasn't the biggest brown ever, but the colors were just beautiful. Here it is: It was the first year in a long long time that I've been able to catch a bigger fish than the boss. She still has me beat by almost 15lbs with stripers, here's her 31lb striper: Jay, That steelie was 20lbs almost on the button. There was a single week in Sep last year that steelies were just everywhere. We had three 10+ in two or three days. The 6th pic down is the gf with her ~13-15lber. It didn't have a great shape to it, but was still a pig. It was caught the day after the 20lber, had it been caught the day before the 20lber, I probably would have mounted the 15lber, then would have hade a really big decision on what to do with the 20lber! Nick
  17. I have a '96 and love it. May not have all the perks of the more expensive boats, but it get's the job done.... safely. Nick
  18. that place is going downhill fast, very fast. With any luck, some new management will swoop in and take the place over. Maybe fix up the docks (a lot) and add in a better bathroom facility. It's a shame, I moved to Arney's last year... the location isn't as nice, but the marina/facilities/workers are 1000x better. Nick
  19. You guys need to catch more fish I listen to zing zing zing as the drag goes screaming Nick
  20. Kevin, Good to see you on the board. We've docked at the boatyard that past two years, it's a great place to dock. We'll be contacting you sometime in the next couple of months to book a week in May for our 19'. Nick
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