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  1. Although Coast guard and Border Patrol both fall under homeland security it seems as if they have little to do with each other in the real world. If you are sinking I wonder if the border patrol would lift a finger to help you? I know the coast guard has my back and they want to make sure you are safe out there.

    Still the fact is some of the 9/11 terrorist came in from Canada so extra hassle by the BP is to be expected and they are not going away any time soon.

    I believe coast guard & border patrol are under same agency (correct me if I'm wrong).

    I have no problem being checked/boarded by any law enforcement on the lake. (before or after I catch a big fish - not during the battle)

    Stories of H.S. boardings prove that the Lake is a border that the Feds believe needs active patrolling and as such also shows one more way how "un-smart" NYPA is for wanting to put X% of NYS power generation out in it.

    Tom B.


  2. I observed for a good pro boat once and the thing that impressed me the most was the organization of the captain and crew. The captain drove the boat, one guy was in charge of spoons, one guy was in charge of flashers and flys. Each guy had rods they were covering. They might discuss what was the right thing to do but the bottom line was the choices were made by the the guy in charge of that particular thing.

  3. This is what I wrote to my representatives. Just ask them how many calls they want to take if something goes wrong with our drinking water.

    Dear representative Walter:

    I would like to express my opposition to Offshore windfarms for two main reasons.

    First, a construction project of that size is a threat to our drinking water supply. Ship after ship pouring cement in Lake Eire lends itself to great risk to the fresh water supply that serves most of Erie County. Let's ask ourselves what are the unforseen concequences of an accident on the water?

    Second, The economics of off shore wind are impractical. Why should we build an electricity generator that will cost at least 30 cents per KWH to produce on water when It can be done on land for half the price? Our own electric bills will suffer.

  4. I would think about using a lead core set up. I don't know if you can use those reels for lead core but when you are in shallow you could send out 3 colors when you move deeper send out all 10. A normal lead core might have a 40 foot mono leader, then the core, then some braid or mono backing. Add a Watermelon NK 28 and you are good to go.

  5. Just Fishin,

    There are not many natural hazzards near the oak. There is a hump about a mile east of the wall off what is known as the ladders. It goes from 40 feet to 20 feet very quick. Ok for the boat but tough on the downriggers. There is a ledge that runs to the east of that hump. The shallow danger areas tend to be around johnsons creek to the west and devils nose to the east. At this point most of your fishing will be in deeper water so there is not much to worry about. Most years the river is pretty clear but there is a big tree just north of the state launch.

  6. That rig should work. Don't forget you will need something to hold the pole so some pvc shapened at one end will work. they sell them pretty cheap at the tackle shops. Try to stay away from weeds and look for current rips where there is an undertow. Be careful you don't go out with the rip they can be very bad out there.

    This is a website I use for info.


    good luck

  7. Where will you be staying? In general you have 3 choices. On shore, close to shore and off shore.

    On shore get a surf rod or two. You acn get a cheap one at one of the department stores on your way down. Stop at a tackle shop they will sell you 2 hook rigs with Pyramid sinkers and cut mullet or squid. Don't expect anything too big but its a nice way to spend a day or night.

    Inshore, Small boat sound type charters for $200 or so a half day. Mostly get small blues and spanish mackeral. Not too big but you can catch a lot.

    Off shore If you are near one of the marinas go down the first day and try to sign on for what they call a make up charter. They will put you on a 6 pack charter with other people. Cost about $200 each but it is a full day trip to the gulfstream. You can catch Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, King Mackeral, Yellowfin Tuna, or even a sail fish or marlin. The marina I go to you pay per pound to have the catch cleaned and it is split up at the dock. I recomend the trip as long you are not too prone to sea sickeness and you don't mind fishing with people you don't know. For the most part the people I have meet on these trips have been great and interesting to spend a day with.

    A fishing license will cost $10 for a week to fish on shore, Most of the charters have a blanket license that will cover you if you get on board. If you have any questions fire away.


    ote="DEFIANCE1"]I will be going on vacation the first week in June to the Outer Banks, last year when I went I saw alot of people fishing from the beach. Anyone ever do this that could give me some tips on tackle and fishing licenses? Has anyone booked a charter from the outer banks before? Any information would be helpful.

  8. forgive my lack of knowledge, I am new to boating. what is this sticker for and how do I know if I need one. is it only needed for crossing the US border?

    Not for crossing the border, For being on the water. Almost all boats have one at this point. It is put on by the manufacturer. It rates the boats capacity. It might say rated for 6 persons or 1100 lbs. Something like that. And maximum horsepower. It's so you don't overload a boat.

  9. Thanks for all the ideas, I pretty much have everything apart at this point because some things needed to be cleaned up anyways. The gauges themslves were hard wired with nut and post at the factory. It may be that one is shorted out causing the problem or the ground. It has taken me awhile to trace out the grounding system on the boat and I have not found all the connections just yet. Some were crimped together so I am going to put those to a buss.

  10. I am trouble shooting and making repairs too my boats 12V DC system. The main problem started on the water last year when I turned on my navigation lights and noticed that all my gauges pegged Gas, Tach, Oil, Speed, Temp. When I turned the lights off the gauges returned to normal. My boat is wired with lighted gauges, so they share the circuit with the navigation lights and unswitched 12V feeds the gauges from the ignition.

    If I disconnect the power on both sides of the gauges one at a time they should look like an open circuit between the the light power and the guage power, Is that correct? Any other spots I should be looking? I am going though the curcuits one by one to isolate the issue.

    Thanks for any help

  11. After digging around this is what I found out about Taxes on fishing tournament winnings.

    Disclaimer, I am not a CPA or a tax preparer so this is only opinion that you can confirm by asking the IRS or your consultants.

    These are the rules as understand them pertaining to Tournament winnings when you fish as a hobby. Under certain circumstances you can claim expenses against your winnings but only up to the amount you won that year. So if you won $3000 And you had expenses of over $3000 you would not have to pay tax on your winnings. ( Well Maybe). There are two main issues that come up in order for you to claim expenses.

    1) You have to itemize deductions, If you don't do that now and only won a little money chances are it will not be in you favor to change to an itemized return.

    2) Your expenses are limited to the amount over 2% of you Adjusted gross income (AGI) but can not be more than your winnings in a given year. This is a little hard to deal with without an example, a good tax software can help a lot with figuring this part out. In a basic example your AGI is $50,000, 2% of that is $1000, You win $3000 and have expenses of over $3000 but you can only use $2000 against the $3000 so you end up paying tax on $1000 instead of $3000. Still better than paying on the whole amount.

    What expenses can you use? Good question, A lot of that would be the same as if you were running a business. The easy things are entry fees, Bait, Gas, that are used for tournaments only. You want to go into it farther you could get into depreciation of the boat, and gear. but not without a lot of paper work to back you up if you get audited. The only real example I found on the IRS site was from a manual on how to audit people. If you go to the middle of this link you will see an example of a fishing tournament guy's expenses.

    http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/art ... apter02_06

    Don't do what this guy did and try to claim 60K against you ordinary income!

    Other Publications to read on the IRS web site that pertain to Hobby loss rules

    Publication 535 Page 5

    Publication 529 Page 8-9

    I can't say for certain but it is much easier to make a case for expenses when you are fishing a Pro Am or Scotty type of event Than a LOC or $1000 a day derby. In The Pro Am it is much more clear that your specific intent was to fish for prize money and you had reasonable expenses to take part in that activity.

    Bottom line if you participate in a lot of Tournaments you can help yourself by making a folder for your fishing receipts and activities for the year. Log each time you go out and why you went out. Keep track of your gear, gas, launch, dockage, lodging etc. If you do get lucky and pull down 10 grand in winnings you got a leg to stand on to expense out some of that tax hit. If you do go to depreciate equipment you will need to know the percentage of time that it was used for tournaments vs pleasure.

    I hope this helps

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