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  1. On the charters that I have gone on I have tipped the mate directly at least 15%. Most of the time more. I have only tipped the Captain once when he kept us out for extra time. If the captain was alone acting as the mate then of course he would get tipped as a mate would but otherwise the captain sets the price of trip and should be able to decide what he is willing to go out for.
  2. It's small, It's the same size or a little larger than the other probes. It has a small paddle wheel to determine speed.
  3. This may be true but if you are parked at a marina there can be all kinds of stray currents and your anodes can save an outdrive. Boat wires themselves get worn and leak electricity. My Anodes were going pretty fast. I cleaned up some of the boat wires and they seem to be lasting a lot longer. As far a the black box goes it seems to me that the current is very small and would disapate fast in the big lake.
  4. You mean like this guy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYE6Ynwutn4
  5. There was a warning that hit the news today about eating fish that are caught near alge blooms. Here is a link of what to look for. Not too common in Lake O because of the cold water turnover but the river could see a bloom if it gets real hot. http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/77118.html
  6. Do you know how fast you are going? You will have a lot of blow back with 8 lb weights and 70 to 90 feet of cable out no matter how slow you are going. I think your line is probably too horizontal and the sliders are going all the way down the line. If you have to use 8 lb weights try running spreads that are higher than 60 feet until you get the hang of it. try a 40 and 60 spread. at most. If you are close to shore run even higher. I have had hits on free sliders with only 20 feet of cable out to the ball. That almost has my slider in the prop wash. Steelhead and cohos don't care. They will hit close to the boat. Good luck and keep trying
  7. Don't take all the bow out of your main line. Slider should find the back of the bow in the line. Make sure your ball is at the depth you want to fish before putting the slider out and try not to change the depth by too much.
  8. I like using a Michigan Stinger glow frog for free sliders. It's one of my most productive spoons.
  9. A few tips. 1) fish where the thermocline intersects with the bottom of the lake. So if the thermocline is 40 feet down search around that area parallel to shore. Fish anywhere from 5 to 20 feet off the bottom. 2) Look for pods of bait in that area. If you don't see much on the screen when running near shore then don't bother. 3) I like to run green spoons in that area Ice, Antifreeze, Watermelons. 4) Run a lead core down the shoot with a Mag green spoon. 5) Run a little faster if you are not taking any hits.
  10. I asked a guy at a bait shop once why people did not use sawbellies as bait on Ontario. He said that due to the lack of structure it's a lot tougher to figgure out a place to start. You are not covering the ground you can trolling. The fish on Ontario move pretty far pretty fast on some days so it might be tough to stay on them. It certainly should work like it does in other places but in the long run it might be less effective.
  11. Like hasbeen says most likely a short. You may have 2 or 3 loops depending on how the boat is wired. If your port and starbord lights are going to 1 bow mount fixture you can test it by removing the bulbs and disconecting the connection to power and ground. Do this with your battery disconnected to avoid trouble. Your loop should read like an open circuit with the bulbs out. If there is a short it will probably read zero ohms. It could be the fixture or the run to the fixture. If you remove the fixture and still have a short it will be in the wire and you need run new ones. Not to tough in a small boat. Test the stern light as well to see if you have a short. Try to use tinned marine wire to if you have to run new. Good Luck
  12. What octane gas are you using? Is it old? Is this a 2 stroke? If it is maybe it's as simple as mixing up a new tank of higher octane gas.
  13. If you look at the box are there large wires and smaller wires coming out of it? The pourpose of a relay is to control a high current circuit with a lower current switch. This would stand to reason as a DC voltage wire ratings are affected by distance. The further you go the bigger wire you need. The relay saves the problem of running large wires to the front of the boat and back. It would be normal to hear a relay click when energized so most likely that is what you have.
  14. Most outboards smaller than an 8hp have no alternator for charging your battery and running your riggers and electronics so give that a thought when picking one out.
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