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  1. Tackle Store - Buffalo

    Asb hands down not even close.
  2. Is anyone out in Rochester

    It's nice
  3. How much copper on 30 size reel?

    10 color
  4. Knots

    Albright knot. Always use mono for leaders. Need the stretch.
  5. You can definitely run a clean spoon. It may actually run a little deeper that way as well. Less drag in the water.
  6. Traxtech mounting nut

    They will send you a replacement.
  7. olcott

    Its open
  8. Bay rat short shallows and warrior flutter spoons. Try 10# floor leaders and small swivels. Also try running your leads out. 100 or 125.
  9. Sandy launch is under water so bring you waders
  10. Hilton ny. Someone is coming over tonight. If the add is still up tomorrow its still available.
  11. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Great info on lenses from costa
  12. Wanted WTB 16-17.5 aluminum boat

    I have a 16 tracker side console listed right now. I realize its not a crstliner but its in great shape, served me well. Needs nothing.