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  1. New Lowrance Halo 20 radar still in box. Sold the boat I was going to put it on. Do not need now. Went to smaller boat. $1700 firm. Can deliver locally to Syracuse Pulaski, Finger Lakes area. Call Three one five-277-0125
  2. Pair of lightly used Cannon Unitrolls. On swivel bases and rail plates. Come with weights. $300 orBO for the pair. Will split shipping costs if buyer is out of the Syracuse area.
  3. Gonna be hard to practice social distancing now. Should be quite a show. This is one of those instances that restraint of pen and tongue would be best observed. Well, off to trout fish on the O.
  4. Does this come with all the hardware and transducer?
  5. Cannon Sport troll manual downrigger with fixed boom. 2 line counters, swivel base, excellent condition. Asking $75 or BO. 315-277-0125 Sold
  6. Hank is as good as they get!!!!! If he can't fix it, use it as an anchor!
  7. Selling 2004 16" Mirrocraft with 15hp Mercury 4 stroke with less than 30 hours on motor. I am the second owner and bought the boat with 5 hours on the motor. Be aware that there is no paperwork for the trailer. It is a Caravan trailer that I never used so never bothered with the paperwork. The boat comes with the following: 2 cushioned lock on seats 4 rail rod holders 3 rod holder mount bilge pump Eagle Fish elite 502(gps does not work) New spare for trailer Bait well Storage compartment Canvas Cover with bows Boat and trailer in excellent condition. Selling for $2500 or BO Call 315-277-0125. Will run with ears on so serious buyer.
  8. Have an assortment of plastic spoons that were originally for a Seth Green rig setup. All in good condition. $25 or MO. You pay shippng or pickup in Syracuse/Auburn area. 315-277-0125.
  9. Box of assorted planer board releases. 12 Cabelas Visa-grips and 15 other with the box. $150 or BO. 315-277-0125
  10. Posting for a friend. Please respond to him. Boat has been well maintained and is in good shape. http://syracuse.craigslist.org/boa/3093919021.html
  11. I wouldn't expect anything less from Hank. One of the good guys. Dion
  12. LIke new . Full face mask, no eye shield. Camo. $40 plus shipping. PU in Auburn NY 315-277-0125
  13. Two Cannon gimbal mounts. Have Scotty and Cannon drilled holes. 9" shaft. $40 plus shipping. Pickup in Auburn NY. 315-277-0125
  14. I agree with Erabbit. Disconnect the motor from the steering and see if the motor swings easily by hand. Try the steering without the motor attached. That should tell you where the problem is. Hydraulic steering may not be the answer and having installed it myself, it is not as easy as it sounds. Email me if you have anymore questions. MT
  15. Have a broken strand in a 400' copper setup about 150' into the spool. Is there anyway to repair this or do I need to replace? Thanks for the help. Dion
  16. Grew up in the area and Cross Lake is notorious for iffy ice. In addition to the river current there are also some springs in the lake that keep the ice from really forming. Most locals in the area fish Otter Lake that is close by. I would be very careful about venturing out on Cross and think twice about bringing my kids with me. Just my two cents.
  17. The following are the findings in Owasco Lake. I spoke to the county water quality people and they sent their samples to NYS Dept of Health. THe health dept made the announcement. In addition there will be an announcement forecoming that there is another invasive species in the lake that has contributed to the outbreak. Look up Lake George and Lake Tahoe invasive species and see what caused the blue-green algae outbreak there. For the past 10 years those of us that have fished this body of water have suspected that water quality has been compromised leading to a decline in the fishery. Recently there has been an admission that there are high phospate levels in Owasco Lake. Is this the reason for the decline? What has caused the increased high phospate levels? Between shoreline development, municipal waste water discharges and agricultural runoff, there is more than enough blame to go around. I do not want to point a finger at anyone. I just want to fix the problem. It is my hope that other Finger Lakes address this issue before they suffer the same fate as Owasco Lake's has. PS. The NYS DEC was had nothing to say on the issue. http://www.9wsyr.com/news/local/story/P ... gqD2g.cspx
  18. How many hours? Long shaft? Electric start? Pics? Thanks Dion
  19. Guys Owasco Lake recently had an occurrence of the worst green algae that I have ever seen in 30+ years of fishing. I contacted Region 7 DEC and the water quality people said that it was an algae bloom. I told them in quite graphic detail that I thought that they should get someone out there to test it. The county soil and water people are in the process of doing so but I will say that I felt that the DEC water people were just blowing smoke up my dress and I let them know it in no unceratin terms. I have watched Owasco Lake degrade over the last ten years from a great fishery into a shadow of what it once was. Over that time I listened to people say that it was the walleye that was causing the decline in the trout population when all along it was a water quality issue. Phosphorus from municipal waste treatment plants and I am certain agricultural runoff. I have included some pics for you take a look at. Will let you know what the county people say. Dion
  20. Same for us today. 3 for 3 100-125' 80 down on the rigger. 300' out on the dipsey. All glow colors. Mob of boats out there. Fished from 7-10:30. Bacon and eggs were served at 8:30. Good day. Good company.
  21. TFRAZ Don't be afraid of constantly changing lure depths and selections. If the fish aren't biting what you are offering, offer something different. And even though you may see fish at a certain depth if they are not biting change the depth. The beauty of running cheaters is that even though you maybe fishing deeper your cheater will still be targetting the shallower depths. And like the others said wires and dipseys can give you an added dimension. Good luck and keep at it. It will come to you.
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