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  1. Come a little farther east and fish bluffers or Humber bay if ya can. More consistent bite Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. There is a 1976 30' for sale in Kingston. Ontario. Mint condition Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 1988 Northcoast Twin 150 Yamaha 4 stroke Finally tuned in and rigged out
  4. Depending on what this wind does for the lake will determine where you should be fishing. You can either start in 100fow and head south until you get into fish. OR. Start in 350 fow and play out there until you find some bows and cohos. Winds over the last couple weeks have really mixed up temps so will be hit and miss as to where they are. Not a lot of reports to go by either. Definitely run your gear in the upper 50ft of the water column and don't be afraid to mupp your riggers, (cheaters). Lite line 12-15 test is good now and spoons, not to say that flashers and flies wont work but you are trying to match the bait. 3-10 colour lead core or short copper rigs would work well now as well. If you are in 300+fow you should come across some teenage kings as well. I am going on Wednesday morning out of Whitby. You can also check in 30 fow in front of harbour for staging kings as there might be some still there waiting to do there spawn run Good Luck
  5. Hi Vince If you have anyone else looking. I still have the framework from my Bimini. Same shape and width as yours all stainless steel.
  6. Whitby and Bowmanville are great areas for fishing salmon and trout. All kinds of hotels and motels. Holiday inn, Howard Johnson's in Bowmanville and some motel 6 in area. They prob don't have fish cleaning facilities. Most charters clean fish on lake, much easier. If you are booking a charter ask you capt for lodging suggestions. Salmon just starting to show in Whitby Pickering so check reports on here or spoonpullers.com. Newcastle also has some good charter guys but accommodations are a little farther away.
  7. JUst curious if you have a car like the rest of us who drive there to check. Would imagine all creeks blown out now
  8. Have a 23 ft Thundercraft with trailer. Asking 4000. Located just outside Toronto. Send email to [email protected] for pics [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. Does anyone have a good knot for attaching swivel to wire. Checked out the one on LOTSA. is there any others that work as well as or better Thanxs Steve
  10. Hello fellow members !!!! Got out about 5 pm with my oldest boy (9 yrs), school's out for summer and an old friend. Water had a 1-2 ft roll but no chop so it seemed like a good nite for fishing. We werent disappointed. By 5:45 we hab boated 2 8 lbs plus rainbows which provided us with some good acrobatics and some strength training for the young lad. Running riggers with cheaters 15' above .90 fow down 50-60 ft. Bottom had jet divers with anchovies on both riggers , tops had chartreuse/silver on one cheater and blue/silver ribs on the other. My son got bored and went into cuddy to play hand held video game around 6:30. No sooner had he gone down, we had one of the anchovies go off, pulled it out of the holder ,then the second anchovie popped. The young fella had his first double, both salmon 1 was 23 lbs, the second was 18 lbs. Both fish caught in 80 fow down 60 + 55 out about 10' off ball. First season that I've had action with meat. Quickly becoming a convert. By the time we got off the water at 9:15 we had boated 9 fish 4 bows 5 salmon ( smallest 16lbs, largest was the 23) The son is waking up at 5:30 AM Sat so he can get onto the fish with us tomorrow Cant say I blame him Keep Your Lines Wet Guys Steve
  11. Thanxs again guys As I have just started fishing the Big O, ( 2 years) what do you mean by leadcore. Is that a type of line or a lead weight attached to the line. If I am going to learn this technique I might as well do it right the first time. Your help is greatly appreciated as the charters over here dont like to share. When the salmon derby starts July 7 they have their own code on the VHF. Sounds like gibberish
  12. THanxs for the info guys. Currently trying small inline boards 4" x 14" long. They seem to pop across the top of the water. Going to purchase larger double boards and a Pole and reel system for the Toy. Definitely looking to increase the odds for fish. If I wanted to make my own pole and reel, what kind of line do you have on the reels? Wire,?or rope?. IS it worth buying versus making
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