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  1. Mister Breeze was appropriate name for him and his boat, every time the song plays i think of him,
  2. he was very good friend and relative , i have many great memories , all good,stories i have are endless, , greatest memories probably our trips to Niagara Bar in spring time, he will be missed by all
  3. Sorry i though i listed it earlier in the year with pics,i will take pics tomorrow i can asure you it is new nrver in water
  4. this item is brand new never used, saltwater safe, long shaft,sorry i posted this awhile ago pics are their
  5. i have ew new mintola trolling motor 70 pounds of trust , never been used call me 585-315-7222
  6. i have a friend interested to buy the boat please call him , his number is 585-7274159 his name is John
  7. small one is gc, the large needs straightening, $50.00
  8. purple power is great , for cleaning
  9. i will pick up at next meeting or before, call me
  10. what is the yellow looking one,is that 10for $75.00
  11. I do agree well said, and the person making comments don't know all the facts
  12. located on lowden pt. rd. between Long pond and braddicks
  13. going to up grade to tournament series digit- troll 5
  14. Cannon Digit-troll 5, 1 season old $650.00 each Cannon Digit-troll 5 for sale, have 2 , everything included, even retro-ease that are not included in original purchase,swivel bases , rod holders, power cords,excellent condition
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