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  1. bulletbob

    Cayuga Advice sought on trailer bunks

    Probably go untreated.. i doubt it would be a problem if you either painted the dry PT wood first, or simply added some grease where the wood contacts the brackets, but I would get some angry rebuttals from someone whose trailer rotted to the ground from using PT wood... use untreated wood, and IMHO using some good oil based weather proofing sealer on the wood will never hurt.. Also I agree 100% on the slides, they are MUCH better than carpet.. They are all i use on a bunk style trailers and they work very well.. Also, check to see if its possible to add a few keel rollers with brackets on your trailer..On some bunk trailers you can, others you can't.. If possible, NOTHING is better than a bunk trailer along with a few keel rollers added.. I have done it several times, and it makes launching/retrieving a pleasure... bob
  2. No longer for sale. Simply going to repaint it so it looks new, and might relist later.. Please close this thread... bob
  3. Never mind I'll keep it... Starts first pull every time, and runs like a champ... figured a good running little Evinrude was worth $60 to someone.
  4. bulletbob

    Moore's Marina

    I was there buying a pump kit, and saw a huge pile of small outboards in the middle of the shop floor.. When I asked if all those motors were there for service I was told yes they were.. that was JUST the small tiller motors.. The place also had big motors lined up waiting, not to mention the line up of motors still on the many boats in the yard,,, they are very busy right now, sometimes its even hard to get them on the phone.... bob
  5. Forgot to mention the paint on the cover is crappy, but decals are in good shape, paint on the rest of the motor is pretty good as well... bob
  6. All I know is that for years, if I went to Cayuga or Seneca, and tossed an earthworm into the clear water on a summer day, there would be good size flashes of life coming from every direction, shorelines were just FULL of fish life. No longer... Nowadays the water looks like crap much of the year, and the only thing that will descend on the above mentioned earthworm are the Goby hordes.. Skinny is not much better.. After 100 or more years of Syracuse drinking lake water unfiltered, they are now going to have to spend a massive dollar amount on a gigantic filtration system.. We killed these lakes with ""progress"".... bob
  7. Just sold one here a few weeks ago [-a 1972 Johnson 2 HP ]at the same price, Brand new water pump impeller, installed 7/26/18... . Lower unit serviced, points cleaned and adjusted, tank and fuel lines cleaned.. Its starting and running well right now,, but the carb float, gaskets, needle valve etc are original, and the float looked a bit tired when I opened the carb up to clean it.. The kit with float is in stock at most OMC dealers, and is $27. Might be fine without it, but 45 year old carb gaskets and soft parts should be freshened up... $60 firm takes it away.... Not too many running gas outboard motors out there for $60.... bob,
  8. Guys.. here's the current price on these Walker minis... each ... https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/walker-mini-laker-downrigger?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions. They are in mint condition.. I would rather not ship them as several folks have asked... Fedex or UPS is a 50 mile round trip from me , and USPS shipping would cost as much as I am asking for the downriggers/weights... Also I am not always available to "meet half way".. Not when I am asking $50 for 2 nice little almost new downriggers with weights... I suppose I could meet someone in Ithaca at some point, but not going to make a special trip ... I get there on occasion, but not on any regular schedule... If they don't sell in week or two, I might ship them but the box would need to be weighed/measured, and the buyer would need to add shipping to the cost which will be considerable.... bob
  9. I have had them a few years, never used them... Close to mint condition, almost NO use... $50 takes them both.....
  10. bulletbob

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    Taz... I have caught a lot of lakers over the years on Hopkins , Avas, 1 oz Kastmasters, Crocodiles etc.. they will hit Bluefish/Sriper/weakfish jigs, which you already own..Gulp might work, but its not needed really.. main problem you will encounter is staying vertical. Cayuga lake is generally a lot more windy than the nearshore atlantic and the bays.. lots more fishable days in your area than there are at cayuga on a yearly basis.. Tough to stay vertical most days without a good bow mounted motor unless you luck out and get a dead calm day, which are pretty rare up here, compared to NJ.. bob
  11. bulletbob

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    btw, Yes I know what mojos are, .... Not sure they would get a look around her from any respectable trout or salmon, but you never know...
  12. bulletbob

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    Taz... PM me.. I too am originally from NJ, and decades ago adapted fluke/striper/weakfish/bluefish techniques to fresh water... I will give you all the specifics... bob