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  1. bulletbob

    LL Salmon stocking in 2019- bad news...

    funny you should mention that.. Although I have not fished the Fulton chain much, they looked very sterile to me on visits.. dark, tannic water, sand bottoms.. Doesn't look like it would be productive LL water they way we think of the finger lakes.. I could be way off base, but I could imagine a lot of small Ll salmon getting gobbled by pike up there... bob
  2. DEC Update on Adirondack Hatchery Power Outage On May 4, a storm that brought severe high winds to much of upstate New York caused widespread power outages in many locations throughout the North Country, including DEC’s Adirondack Hatchery. Although the backup generator at the hatchery functioned properly during the outage, restored power from the main service line was cut off due to a malfunctioning transfer switch. This malfunction prevented the flow of well water to raceways holding fry, quickly depleting the water of oxygen. It is estimated that 41,000 of the 296,000 fry in the raceways survived. The transfer switch is being repaired and DEC is actively identifying options for installing new, more modern monitoring and alarm systems to prevent events like these in the future. In addition, the Bureau of Fisheries is working to secure surplus landlocked salmon fry from other northeast states and federal fish hatcheries to help offset these loses. The result of this event is a significant decrease in the number of landlocked salmon that will be stocked in New York in 2019. DEC has stocked its full compliment of 230,000 spring yearling fish this year. Although unfortunate and significant, the quality of fishing in most of the 41 waters stocked will not be diminished appreciably. In a given body of water, anglers typically catch landlocked salmon 2 to 4 years old, so angler success is not likely to be impacted for several years. Landlocked salmon represent just one piece of New York’s vast coldwater species fishing portfolio, and in larger waters are usually stocked alongside other salmonids such as rainbow trout and brown trout, which provide a similar angling experience. DEC remains committed to providing anglers with premier fishing opportunities throughout the State and will continue to work diligently on rehabilitating our hatchery infrastructure through funding provided under the NY Works Initiative.‎
  3. bulletbob

    Keuka fishing

    were they nice fat pickerel, with some shoulder,, or skinny little "slime darts"??.. I have caught some pretty nice ones there, but don't target them... bob
  4. bulletbob

    Skaneateles flat line question..

    Understood, I had some Dipseys, but didn't like using them.. Typically when the trout are out of reach for surface trolling/casting, I fish for Panfish/Bass/Walleyes, or I jig for lakers.. I am not a troller, even though I understand it is far and away the most efficient fish catching technique there is.. bob
  5. bulletbob

    Skaneateles flat line question..

    Thanks peptalk.. I appreciate the straightforward, honest, and knowledgeable reply... I kind of thought that might be the case, as there just aren't that many conversations about spring trolling on Skinny.. I have come to like Skinny for panfish/bass as they are always available, decent size, better eating than some other lakes, and there are NO accursed Gobies there [yet]... Cayuga is much closer to me, I usually get some fish there , and it is indeed forgiving of simple, basic techniques such as the primitive trolling I do... I will stick to Cayuga... I understand about lure setback, even at Cayuga, I troll way back of the boat, close to 200 feet.... Thanks again,,, bob
  6. bulletbob

    Skaneateles flat line question..

    still wondering if flatline trolling skaneateles with small plugs is somewhat worthwhile compared to south end of cayuga??... bob
  7. bulletbob

    Skaneateles flat line question..

    Its not for me really.. I enjoy shallow water trout/salmon except for jigging lakers.. Trolling with riggers or with wire, lead core,dipseys etc is very efficient,but I prefer light one handed tackle, and stopping the boat when I hook a fish... i see SO many 15 inch trout skittering across the top of the water when hooked, dragged by a 25 foot boat with 8 lines out.. Trolling with planers in spring is the best method for catching trout in these big lakes, but its just not what I do personally.. When the trout are no longer within reach, I jig for lakers, or fish for bass/panfish.. bob
  8. bulletbob

    Southern Tier walleye opener..

    We don't have the fishing here thats up north but there are some around if you know where to look.. Hit the susky river from shore before first light, and hung a decent fish first cast,, Dropped it a few feet from shore, but was figuring on good action for the morning ... wasn't to be.. Not another hit for an hour.. Did catch a 16 inch bare keeper, later on about 6 am, and a monster size SMB[ released of course] as well, and dropped another bass.. went back in the evening for an hour, and caught another nice SMB but thats all.. Not exactly a monumental walleye opener, but I have had worse I suppose.. Walleyes and bass hit Chartreuse twisters on 1/4 jig heads, which has caught more walleyes for me than any other lure by far in the river.... bob
  9. I only troll flatlines in spring, and sometimes a bit in the fall.. I have NO interest in riggers although I own a couple, and even less interest in planer boards.. A few flat lines out the back when the fish are shallow is all the trolling I will ever do... Never tried it at skaneateles, but would like to in the next few weeks.. Can I expect decent action on Rainbows/Salmon/Lakers simply flatlining small plugs and spoons there, or would I just be better off staying at the south end of cayuga???.. Not looking for spots , just basic info.. is it worth the effort??/.. bob
  10. bulletbob

    Cayuga Boat vs Shore fishing etiquette

    I had 2 brand new rods pulled into the water, lost forever by a couple guys in a boat that came within feet of the shorline i was fishing.. there are a LOT of very inconsiderate asswipes out there, sorry you ran into one.
  11. I won't argue that, but the fact remains that most of us simply don't see landlocks in Keuka.. Can't say why , but they might get outcompeted by the lakers for the limited forage base... bob
  12. thanks.. Already have good running 4 HP.. Looking more along the lines of 2- 2.5 -3 HP.... bob
  13. I doubt it would be enough for trolling for trout and salmon for hours, but I could be wrong.. I just don't se many guys trolling for Trout/Salmon with an electric I already have a foot controlled bow mount and its not near enough, but it is an older 12v model, and should be upgraded... I suppose I could put a new 24 v unit on but it would be twice the price of a good used gas motor, another consideration... In spring, when flatlining, I am usually at the rear of the boat, and the foot control of an electric would be at the bow.. Also, the small gas motor is a backup power source to my 28 HP on my 14 Grumman.. I would hate to be 5 miles from the ramp have the main motor quit, and have to depend on an electric to get me to the ramp in heavy wind and whitecaps.. It has happened to me just last year, with a 15 foot boat I have since sold, and I am VERY thankful I had a little 2 HP gas kicker on the transom right next to the 30 HP that quit on me .. Took me hours, but that little 2HP got me from Milliken back to the Long Point ramp... I NEVER would have been able to paddle it thats for sure... bob
  14. No one has a small Ob to sell??
  15. Not an old clunky one please In my experience the old 2 HP OMC engines are kind of cranky and crude .. Looking for something a little more modern , lighter and smoother operating .. Will consider any brand as long as the condition is good.. Prefer a 2 stroke due to weight considerations.. It will be used as backup power/slow trolling motor on a 14 foot Grumman side console with a 28 HP main engine. Need to watch transom weight. Open to any brand and will not argue a realistic price... bob 607-236-4024, or reply here via PM...