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  1. I was out in the Big Lake lastweek and never saw so many schools of smallies. In groups of 20+. From 5 foot of water out to 30'. I'm "hoping" this year will be better that the past couple.
  2. pyle

    pike leaders

    Thats what I use also....I believe you told me too...lol
  3. pyle

    IBay Perch

    Its called S&R Bait. On Culver across from Seabreeze Park.
  4. My camp is in Avoca right around the corner from you and lastyear we had pics on our trail cam similar to that. It ended up being a racoon climbing the tree :roll:
  5. Ya I got mine at Dicks in Greece yesterday. Took over an hour for me and my buddy to get ours cause the computer was so slow. But we both got 2 tags each so cant complaine.
  6. Pike,Bass,Walleyes,and Sheephead.
  7. Im not sure about the speed limit but there is alot of stuff in the water. Logs,trees, cars...lol I wouldnt go full out just for the reason of hitting something.
  8. Lastyear they were doing good for the eyes with a red jig head and white twister tail up by seth green.
  9. Went out Monday and it was alittle windy :shock: The guy at the bait store said there doing good at the north end for pike so thats where we went. And nothing....lol Had one hook up trolling a silver Smithwick but got off at the boat. 6 hours of fishing and only 2 small lg.mouths. Would have stayed longer but my engine didnt want to throttle up. Took just over an hour to get back to BayBridge Tackle where we launched. :roll:
  10. Ya when people get into the eys there they tend to keep it hush hush.
  11. Is anyone having any luck in Sodus for pike and or eyes?
  12. Anyone had any luck with the pike in Ibay this year?
  13. pyle

    Monster Eye!

    Im dying to see these pics...
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