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  1. I just bought a 1981 20' sea ray with a 305 merc I/O should I worry about this? This boat is my first I/O so any other info anyone has that Ishould know let me know.
  2. just wondering every ones thoughts on a 19' old pen it is a 69 with a 120hp I/O. I will be fishing lake ontario only with it and I will also be trailering it. I am new to the I/O motors always had outboards and would like to know what every one thinks of theme any info you have would be great I should be going to lkook at her this weekend
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    well I found a boat that I am thinking of buying for this season it is a 19' open bow rinker. dont know much about the boat yet my buddy found it and said he could get agood deal on it. it has a 4 cyl I/O runs good just wanted to know if anyone outhere ever fished from one of these and if they have was it ok or no good. I think the year is a 81 . I would also like to know what I should be looking for when I go to look at the boat tomorrow. anything will help thanx guys
  4. I bought a boat about a month ago and the motor that was on it is way too big 110hp and its only a 17' starcraft the motor is also not the best :x so I got a 35hp from a freind that is too short and too small so what I am looking for is a 50-85 does not even need to be running I just need something that will give me better hope of fishing this season than what I have now. so if anyoneout there has a nice used motor you are willing to sell just drop me a line :shock:
  5. justtrying to find out if you still have the downriggers I live in hamlin and would like to come takea look at theme if you do thanks
  6. anyone fising out of sandy harbor this weekend????
  7. I am a new big lake fisher I only have a small boat and I would like to know how long do the kings and trout stay befor they go out to the real deep waters and when do hey start to come back in???
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