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  1. ok here is another this in seen in the paper about 2 months ago they call you and tell you that you have won a tv or some other great prize all you have to do is call this # to claim. when you call the # they charge you over $2000 a min well they get your info!! they do send you a tv or what ever you wonbut then when you get your phone bill you will see they have also charged you about 10,000 in phone charges. and there is nothing the gov can do becouse it is out of the us you are calling.
  2. we sell dogs and that last ones we were selling we had the same thing happen 3 times. they called were going to send a check and we were to send the extra cash to some person who would be over later in the week to pick up the dog and shipp it. we called the cops and they said there is nothing they can do.
  3. good point I know you can get it in colors I will have to call today and see about white.
  4. I just put a new floor in the back half of the boat and wanted some input about putting on that rubber roll on bed liner for trucks. it says it can be used for boat deck/floors but I thought I would see if there was any one out there that has used it. any input would help thanx
  5. do you have a number or a web site
  6. I am looking to have just a top canvas made for my boat any ideas of who is good in the rochester area
  7. that site did not work :? any others
  8. does any one know the website or have the # for fish hawk??
  9. I still have to put the new riggers and all the other new goodies I have picked up over the winter months!! last night was real hard not to open up the shrink and start doing it but by the looks of tonight thank god I didnt
  11. I would liek to buy a couple of the diawa 47lc I would really like the great lake 47 lc but let me know what you have around thanx
  12. I am getting ready to line my poles and I would like to make sure I do it right what would be the best line to use? should I use fle flicker or is it not worth the extra cash? :?
  13. when I bought scotts old boat his gps came with it I will be willing to sell you all the points on it
  14. I have a great condition 1999 arctic cat 600 EFI it has hand,thumb,face shield warmers.it also has revers plastic skis with carbides that are still in good condition. the track has a few studes in it and still in great shape. it has new rebuild able fox shocks all the way around. there are no cracks it really looks/runs like brand new handles the bumps and trals real nice. I just bought this sled but would like to buy a new two up next year blue book is almost $1800 but I am selling for $1250 I do not want to have to store it over the summer give if you would like to come out and see it or test ride it give me a call 585-509-6777
  15. I am looking to buy a fishhawk or a depthraider new or used just looking for a good price
  16. FREEMAN77


    www.maretarium.fi/mare/4_2_uk.php there is soem info on this site about theme
  17. NK frog and NK watermelon I got 85% of my fish this year on these two spoons
  18. I have a brand new marcum flasher I just bought at gander for $270 that I do not need I fish mostly bradocks were it is only 2'. I am willing to sell it for $225 I still have the box and all paper work for it I live in hamlin. 585-509-6777
  19. great fish and pics must be nice to have ice send some down this way would you keep the pics comming
  20. WWIV went to honeoye sat and ice was real good 5-6 " all over very slow untill just before dark some guys were doing well on the south end. went to b-bay tonight and watched my fishing buddy go in out by the creek be carefull I was on 5 " of ice he turned his auger 2 times and then went right in he was only at most 25 yards away from me. up by the shore the ice was 3-4" and the bite was very slow there also no keepers. good luck and be carfull
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