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  1. I will let all the boys out of sandy know 14 it is if this works it woud be great
  2. I know out of sandy msot of us are on 72
  3. foster and I are going to do the orlens county pro am my fiance was going to be the observer but in the rules I read that at any point your observer can be asked to change and ride with another team.? has this ever happend I do not think she will do it if there is a very good chance this may happen. :?
  4. I am just getting my boat name made by a person that was on craigslist he showed me some of his work and for name across the back on the sides and on the cooler it is only going to be $50 and from every where I checked that seems to b a great price. if you give him your boat name he will do all kind of stuff with it. he gave me like 5 diff ones to chose from. I will see if it is ok to give out his # and get back to you
  5. I would like to fish the orleans county pro am this year. any info would help I have read the rules and and understand them but are there any meetings or anything like that we will need to attend. and when and where do we have to sign up. like I said any info would help that
  6. if you go north on 19 till you get to a fork in the road there is a carwash straight ahead, take the right fork go till the end that is the parkway make a right you will cross over sandy creek and you will see the parking lot on your left. you can fish from the docks with blue and silver spoons or repelas I was down working on the boat today and watched a guy pull in a steelhead and a brown and two big small mouths. also as you are going north on 19 about a mile before the park way that is also sandy and they have been drifting egg sacks and getting some fish also. it should take you about 15 min to get there from brockport good luck
  7. went out tonight for a few passes in front of the out let of sandy and a trip down by the beach and found warm clear flat water trolled 4-6 10-12 and never hit a fish. but was a nice night to be on the water. should be back at it thurs or dri will give another more helpfull report I hope :?
  8. hey ray there is one on rochester craigslist under boats right now that can hold up to a 15hp the guy wants $80 for it take a look thewre pics also . let me know if you cant find it and I will help
  9. well we tried to go out of sandy tonight after a bumpy ride to the west to the beach we could not get the boards out because of the waves, so we flat lined 4 poles out the back and after 5 min got a small steellie and then. trolled for about 45 more min then called it a night but was still nice to get out the steellie came in 5 fow on a jointed billy
  10. I still have some more work to do on the inside and I need to seal around the cuddy but other than that she runs like a champ thanx scott and I still have to get down there and give you your plate and pick up some wine for the little lady
  11. Hey jax we went out of sandy around 7 and went east and found like 40-42 temps and only hooked up 2 time in the afternoon went west and found 44-46 temps and in about a hour45 min hooked up 7 times and we were also real close to shore my inside board was probley only in 4-5 fow and that took most the hits
  12. TONY'S REEL REPAIR 7686 MICHAEL RD ORCHARD PARK, NY 14127 Tel: 716-662-5692 Fax: 716-662-3773 [email protected] Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm M-F GIVE HIM A CALL HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO HOOK YOU UP MIGHT BE A DRIVE BUT HEY ALL THE WORK AND PARTS ARE FREE
  13. yeah it also could be that but the releases sounds better lol
  14. hey scott there is a guy in orchard park buffalo that does all the work on cannons for free under warranty. I will get you his # tomorow it is on my work comp. real nice guy to deal with.
  15. well went out of sandy around 7am fished east for a few hours with nothing but two lost fish :x not a good start. came in and went back out around 10 till 12 and went west found some real warm temps around 45F fished in as close as we could around the points 5-6 fow and got a few nice stillies and one real nice brown. but............we lost another 4 fish :roll: that was really getting old I think my releases were to strong the fish would not even set them off. went back out around 2-4 and had one more hook up another big fish but again was lost the night trip was hard fishing with some bigger waves starting to kick up. all in all was a good first trip on the happy hooker we will be back out this week.
  16. rod where did you find that it looks great and I think it would be easy...the rest of yuor boat looks great too.
  17. water gremlin I live in hamlin the water is alittle dark not to bad my buddy went out the other day and only ended up with one 6lbs but is going to be nice so it just might be a good day to get out good luck
  18. yeah I stoped down to sandy today no docks which means no scuffs on the bboat like fishbandit said and he forgot one thing no other people on the docks fishing. one other thing that place LOOKS LIKE S??T all that trash GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
  19. my boat will be in the water sun morning maybe sat afternoon and I will be fishing all day sun LETS ROLL
  20. I had alot of work to do on mine. but I have had mine out for almost 2 weeks I live out in hamlin. she will be in her new home on sandy sun maybe even sat. by the sounds of it the weather is going to be almost 60-65 all next week.......but that could change by tonight and it might only be 30-35 we all know the weather men
  21. I know I seen a post a few weeks back with the sale dates for the NK store but I can not find that post now anybody know when the sale is??
  22. ok I am bad every time I see a new post I open it see the news and its just another damn april fools joke I cant wait till april 2nd lol
  23. I have been working on it for about 3 weeks trying to get her ready. I hope if all goes well she might be in her new home at sandy this weekend
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