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  1. Prayers to Jason and Trish. Just two very good people.
  2. Today we did 10 fish. 9 kings and one nice bow. Nothing over 15. We worked 400 back into 200. 50-80 down. Nbk stinger, gold 42 second, gator dw and an orange/gold spinny/42 second fly on the 300 copper. They only hit on a south troll. Very sporadic and no majors. All silver fish. 2.3-2.5 down. 200 was loaded with hooks and bait but family was in town, so we cleaned some fish and got out of there around 9:30. Back out Monday. Hope this helps.
  3. 2.7-2.8. We usually start around 2.4-2.5. If we find too many lakers, we speed it up. Where there's lakers, there's bait and usually kings. I always also run some larger sticks and at least 4 spoons in my program. Most of our kings have come on spoons. The other things to find are pea green water, close to the warmest temperature, diving birds, etc. I also use my lowrance to find the bait. There should be kings right in front of the creek. You'll sacrifice some numbers going deeper but will see the quality. I just try not to go too deep if it isn't green and reasonable in temperature.
  4. Thanks Billy! We'll either see you out on the water or at the marina.
  5. Worked west of creek in 15-30 fow. Black and silver, black and gold, clown and orange long a bombers. NBK and Orange/White/glow spoons were the ticket. 48.5 degree water was best. Five kings up to 23, big lakers, browns and a few coho. Lost a few other nice ones off the riggers. Tried to stay in the 47.8-48.5 green water. Not fast and furious but we had 30 bites. It's been a long time since we've had a king almost spool us twice. Other king were 17 lb. And the rest were in the low teens. They also wanted it fast. Great day overall. Tomorrow looks nasty but if it isn't as bad as they are forecasting, we'll be back out there. Good luck to everyone in the Spring LOC. Especially the Sandy Creek Boys.
  6. Sorry I'm late with this. Fished east early and did 20 plus fish including browns, coho, lakers and an atlantic between the woods and cowsucker in 13 fow. Gold and black, small pink and orange bombers, firetiger, nbk, DW frog and 5 of diamonds worked well. Swung west in 14-16 fow and lit up the fish around Newman's and from the pump to pier two. Did 30 plus fish but the focus was on kings. It resulted in a few teenagers, big browns, slob lakers and a few beautiful rainbows. Fishing is unreal.
  7. Lou, That's some tough luck and by the looks of the X-RAY, pretty close to becoming a whole lot worse. See you out on the water this weekend if things have healed up well enough.
  8. I wanted to take the time out to apologize to Tommy at East Fork Marina for the post made on this board about our derby fish. I take full responsibility for anything said associated with My Mink. I have known Tommy for over 20 years and have a great amount of respect for him. Again, I sincerely apologize to Tommy and any other other fishermen who were bothered by it. This all rests on my shoulders, so please don't take it out on my Father or the other guys on my team. It's my boat name out there, so I take full responsibility.
  9. Thanks for a great event Rob, Keith, Mike and Scott. It was a lot of fun to fish and a great time catching up with everyone. Charlie was awesome as the MC and I agree that he should do it every year. The food was great and it was an overall good time. Thanks again and we will be back in 2011.
  10. We went 18 for 20 in four hours. 180-220 fow west of the Pump. Tranny, 42 second spoon, Yeck Frog and a Wonderbread Spinny with Black and glow fly took most of the fish. The 85 rigger took 7 fish, the dipsey out 240 took 4 fish and our riggers scattered from 60 to 110 took the rest. Down speed was 2.4-2.6 and a North troll produced the most. There was a very nice class of bows out there along with 2 and 3 year old kings. Not a bad day. Good luck to everyone fishing tomorrow.
  11. Nice job Rob! I hope it holds up for you. It's good to see Sandy taking their share this year. See you out on the big pond this weekend.
  12. Tank, If Jay was fishing 118 down over 300-380 fow, wouldn't that be similar to fishing 30 down over 100 fow? Jay just keeps the rigger/depth of water ratio the same (3/10 for this situation) and he's good. I guess you and I were wrong after all. Just bustin chops like always. Congrats Jay and Jax. Nice fish.
  13. Went out this morning with Tank from "Fish Tank" on my boat. Put the first rod down and it popped. We had action until about 10:30. 4-6 on matures. The two we lost were hogs. Hot Spot Flashers and Meat going at a good clip was the ticket. We fished the marks and bait and the fish took care of the rest. They are there but you have to put in the time. Here are pics of the four we boated. Good luck.
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