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  1. I was out of sandy today about 1 pm for about 2 hours we went 2 for 2 one small bow and a 14lb king then we went back out at 6-7:30 and had one knockoff that was it
  2. sorry we went out of sandy on mon. the two kings came on nk28 frog one was on the top of the water did not even hook it to the down rigger yet the other was 45' down, 2.9 on gps. the small steel head was on a nk28 watermelon 55' down we also got a small bow maybe 20' down at the end of the night on the nk28 frog spoon great time for my real first time on with no help all the fish were taken almost right in front of the mouth orjust east.
  3. I did not think he would stay on 72 just letting him know that if he wanted to talk to some nearby boats that is what we use.
  4. I am a newbe but every time I go out of sand I am on channel 72 and I know a few other boats that use it also. I am sure others will chime in if thats not the only one good luck
  5. I am not sure wen night is goingto be good we were going to get out wen also but i think for some reason we might be drinking beer at home that night i dont think my boat will handle 10-12' very good :shock: and if you do pull the boat out and you need a hand give me acall on the cell also the season is far from over and there will be room for you n my boat :shock: always in need of a good leason
  6. cabelas have theme any colro you want they even have the ones that have lights in theme
  7. just the surface temp does not work??? I have that on my fish finder I will take it if that all that wrong with it give me a call or send me a pm a.s.a.p 585-509-6777
  8. are there any other fall derbys that I could fish out of sand creek and be in this year??
  9. no it does not have trim tabs I was also thinking about maybe getting some put on but they seem a little to much cash for this year maybe next. and I also had another guy tell me about the buckets I think I will give that a try thanx for your input I am having some problems getting her registerd :roll: so it might not even be in the water until next year :evil: :x
  10. has anyone ever went out and fished after dark I seen 2 boats out the other night at sandy. they did not go out untill 7 or so. just wondering if anyone has ever had luck night fishing in the lake. :?
  11. I am looking for a used GPS. if anyone has one that they do not need let me know thanx
  12. alright that would be great I will stop by on the way home from work if you truck is there. or send me a pm with your cell again and I will call you on the way home
  13. looking for a couple of rods with reels and line counters let me know what you have am looking for downrigger and dipsey rods thanx
  14. I will be going to night I am new to salmon fishing if anyone could tell me some good spoons to pick up that would be great.
  15. ray did you need a trolling plate?
  16. there is a 2000 22' islander hardtop on selling right now the guy is asking 18k but maybe you should talk with him the boat looks to be in great condition
  17. hey I sent yo a pm back on the 1st just wondering if you still have this I would like to buy it
  18. I have a 305 I/O in he boat I just bought can I troll with a motor that bog or do I have to get a kicker? or is there something Ican do to use my big motor?
  19. well the boat I just bought had it motor all redone 2 years ago then was put away and it has not seen the water since then it seems to start right up and have no probs I will have it in the water in a few days if all goes as I want it to :roll: I will be sure tocheck for all you have told me to thanx
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