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    Sold / Closed 2002 Sylvan 1600 Expedition

    I already bring them. Makes it tough to launch sometimes with a 7 and 4 year old. Bigger boat in the future is the plan. Thanks.
  2. Hijinks

    Sold / Closed 2002 Sylvan 1600 Expedition

    2002 Sylvan Expedition 1600 60 HP 2 stroke engine - runs perfect - serviced every year. Cranking battery works fine. New trolling battery last year. 40 lb thrust minn-kota bow mount trolling motor 2 live wells Auto bilge Full Cover 4 Removable Seats Rod lockers on each side - locking 2 manual - 4 foot Cannon downriggers. I've got some weights I'll include. More extras not shown in photos (life jackets, anchor, etc.) 2002 - shorelander trailer with spare - all lights work perfect. Asking $6950.00 for it. Not going to find a better all around purpose fishing boat. Lack of time for me with two small kids that's why I'm selling. 585-329-3024 - Text preferred. Thanks
  3. It's sad but true every year. I take my boat down there throughout the year, and choose not to go down when it's prime time at the mouth because of the garbage and antics which go on there. I respect the guys on the docks fishing, but it's not always mutual when you're tyring to launch or retrieve.
  4. I was out last night off Sandy as well. Fired out to 225, then out to 310, fishing down 30-60'. Had one good rip on the rigger down 42', but that was it for the night. Flies were bad. Seemed they really enjoyed eating my legs the only time I had the rods in my hands. Nice night to be out, but fishing was tough.
  5. I personally enjoy the teenage kids on the jetski's trying to launch and retrieve with the 1999 Saturn Coupe, but it's all tricked out with rims and stereo bumpin the entire time. All playing grab-ass with one another. Had words with an older gent a few weeks back. Decided to pull his boat out after 30 minutes of monkeying back and forth trying to back the trailer down, put the boat on the trailer with side bumpers still blocking his guide bars on the ramp, then proceed to stop at the top of the launch and try to put the straps on the back. He didn't like it too much when I told him to pull the F-up.
  6. That's true - it wouldn't work. I don't launch at Ibay anymore either. Tired of trying to back a trailer down in between babies carriages and elderly in fold out chairs feeding swans.
  7. Who would be there to clean it up though? That equates to $$ that the state and/or DEC isn't willing to shell out. Personally if it were up to me, I would hire a retiree. Pay him/her a few bucks and hour. Have them direct launches, run a golf cart back and forth as a shuttle and collect tips, enforce the no-park policy, etc. It would be much more efficient and put a few extra dollars in someones pocket. But - I'm not running for office, and don't mind the hike back and forth, so I'll shut my trap. Back to the topic at hand. Fishing yesterday stunk for me.
  8. I hear ya. I'm all for anglers who do not have access to boats to be able to fish down there. It comes down to common courtesy really. Launch your canoe, but move it over to the side to keep the flow going. The anglers on the docks I have mixed feelings about. There must have been 8-10 on them, and I could barely get out of the boat itself to go get the trailer. Toss in a few drunken idiots looking to hold your boat line for a few bucks and it's a receipe for ignorance. DEC/State whoever needs to start enforcing the no-park zone. Last night was just insane.
  9. Worked the area off the creek for 3 hours and the only thing to show for it was a sheephead and a few knockoffs. Waves picked up nicely through the day as well. Through everything at them. Went out as deep as 40FOW and still didn't mark too much. Might be the last hurrah out there. I respect the guys fishing from the docks, but it's too much trying to get back in and deal with the lines in my prop, and aggravation. Plus I waited a good 30 minutes to pull out with no other trailers in line, while folks were loading there canoes with cases of beer and paddles. Plus the 10+ vehicles parked around the turn around zone made it a little more difficult. Sorry for the rant, just a little annoyed.
  10. P-line - It made it's way out in the trash last night. Breaking from just a little bit of tension on it. Cute. Back to the drawing board. Thanks guys.
  11. All good things to look at. I assumed it was line getting a little old. The lures were breaking at the end of the line, so it could be the teeth. Seemed the fluro was breaking as well, and that's all new. Going to replace it all this weekend. Thanks for the info.
  12. Last night I was running mono off the DR, with a 6 foot Fluro leader. Mono is 30 pound, and leader was 25. Had three breakoff's from it. The knot was good, but something just wasn't working right? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Went 1 for 6 last night off Sandy. 100 FOW. Not sure what went wrong, but had three breakoffs last night. Two on a double header and another off my leadcore. Then lost two nice fish by the boat. Guess it was just one of those nights. Finally managed a skipper at the end of the night. No good marks till about 7:15 or so, then the screen went crazy.
  14. Gents. Got a few out of towners coming with me in the AM. Any suggestions as to where to go. Even if it's browns or lakers, just to get them some fish. 16 footer so we're not heading out too far. Thank you in advanced. Hijinks - Ian
  15. Did well tonight guys. Few nice kings, and YES, I picked up a laker without the cowbell. Pretty sure we dragged him for a while without knowing. But - we still got him in, and he took back off with no harm done. Nice night out there. 110 FOW down about 85. Lost another rigger ball. Pretty sure the cable is done. Neighbor caught his first king, so he was like a pig in feces. Be out again later this week. Launch was a joke tonight as well. Thought for sure I was going to see some fist fights.
  16. So the morning started off with my brother and nephew cancelling on me, and my neighbor tagging along instead. I failed to realize this morning when in 154 fow that my rigger cable was frayed at the end, and kerplunk when my 10 pound ball to the depths below. Anyways - we didn't do too well out there. Little rough for the neighbors liking and just wasn't feeling it today. Saw a few boats in closer, should have went in there for the browns - sounds like they did well. Is that the depth they typically run out there? Also - Does anyone have a picture of what a cowbell looks like? Thank for the help guys!
  17. Gents - Was wondering if you guys could give me some advice. Going to try to take my nephew out tomorrow, but since my boat is on the smaller side, and he has limited patience being only 9, I'd like to actually get into some lakers for some action. What would be the best way to target them off Sandy. Depth, presentation, etc. I've got riggers to get down deep, just wondering what to offer them. Thank you in advanced.
  18. I'll keep that in mind for the next outing out there. If you see some clown spinning in circles with a rod in one hand and another on the wheel, it's me. Thanks for the info guys.
  19. Thanks! I've also learned that fighting them is no fun when you're by yourself, without autopilot and there's boats all around you.
  20. Made it out for the first time this year. Bought a 16' Sylvan and finally got the chance to mount the riggers on it last week. Not the ideal boat for LO, but good enough for a day like that. Fired the first rigger down in 130 FOW, down 66. 3 minutes into it while setting up the rest of the rigs, FISH ON! But - I lost him after a brief fight. Took me a second to get my bearings straight because I didn't expect it that quick. Set the same set-up back down and wham! Pulled the first 17.5lb King into the boat! 10 minutes into the innagural ride, and already 2 fish on. Next few hours didn't prove to be so bountiful, but I didn't care and neither did my neighbor who had never gone for salmon and was hooked after reeeling in a 10 pounder. Ended the day 2 for 5, but couldn't have had a more Sh$t eatin grin on my face for the rest of the day, plus the beers went down a lot smoother. Few more adjustments to the set up and I'll be back out to rock and roll some more! Thanks for all the info and posts. Looking forward to contributing more from now on!
  21. T- Thanks - I agree with you. Fished tourneys on Erie, and now LO is a bit different. Just matter of running the right way, and knowing where they are. Sandy creek will most likely be my launch of choice, so I'll keep my eyes peeled, and post reports when I jump on here.
  22. Hey gents - not too new to the site, but just picked up a new boat. Being a transplant from Buffalo/Erie has given me a new job to work on LO since I live here now. I was out of Sandy last evening just trying out the new boat looking for bass. Mounting the downriggers this weekend, and throwing the bass gear in hiding. Any advice for a 16 " Sylvan to head out for browns and kings this time of year. Probably not going to fire out to the depths, but trolling will be the ticket. Thanks in advanced. Just looking for some brown action in the evenings.
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