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  1. Just curious if anyone gets any tickets for parking on the grass off the parkway? There are always cars at the bridges with people fishing so I am curious. Most parking spots are a ways away from good hunting spots and that is a haul with a climber + gear. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys! When I'm ready, I am definitely buying from a gun shop and not field and stream.
  3. I was looking at the compass. Something budget but get a nice scope.
  4. Thanks. I took a deer with my cousins 3006 this past season. Hell of a kick. I saw the .270 and initially before researching I wasnt sure. I've read a .270 works as well asanything.
  5. Alright everyone...I went to Field and Stream looking to buy my first deer rifle. I thought it easy until the question of what caliber to get. Thoughts? I am 3 years into hunting, not a pro, and I just need something to put venison in the freezer. I went with intentions of getting a 30 06 until I saw all of the other calibers...6.5, .270, 7mm08, .308... I don't have a place to hunt where I would be taking longer than a 300 yard shot and I wouldn't attempt it that far out anyway. Thoughts? Thanks for any imput.
  6. I was under the understanding that no rifle/shotgun slug was allowed in greece. I'm a rookie but rimfire rifle is considered a rifle still isnt it? Thanks!
  7. Ive never gone but this thread makes it look like fun! If I took my bow to braddocks would you guys recommend my to sit in my climber or hidden on the ground? Id have to use my bow since you cant use gun in greece...Correct?
  8. Thanks for the ideas guys! Will def drop it off. I need to find a spot away from people. Any point in hunting in this wind?
  9. Quick question for you guys...Anybody ever get a ticket for parking on the side of the parkway? I have a few spots I want to check out and parking off the parkway by the treeline would save time walking with the climber. Thanks
  10. Thoughts on Braddock's? This year will be my first crack at them. Braddock's is close for me and I have seen them off the side of the parkway. Thanks
  11. Thank you! I’ve never been down there so I am going blind. I’ll go into one of those parks and find a nice tree and I’m good.
  12. With the DEC map and my OnX hunt maps there looks to be this Black Diamond Trail Park on the west side of the lake north of Ithaca. Thoughts? Thanks for the info.
  13. I was thinking of heading do to Tompkins County Saturday...I have been messing with the map trying to find spots and thought id ask if anyone has been down. I dont want any spots but would time be better spent in one of the parks ie Buttermilk/Truman or outside of the parks? Worth the trip? Thanks for any info
  14. I have been to Braddock's a bunch of times. Morning and night and haven't seen ****. My first year of bow. Frustrating but fun as ****! I know there are plenty of deer there.
  15. It is possible for me to get to watoma in my kayak? Too far out?
  16. Irondequoit Bay Anyone know of a public place to launch my kayak to get into Helds Cove? Thanks
  17. Where is the closest place to launch a kayak to get into the cove? Thanks
  18. I usually always fish with my fly rod this type of year but i want to buy a spining rod outfit for river steelies and salmon. Any ideas on a nice spining rod/spinning reel with a nice smooth drag? There are so many choices. Thanks
  19. I have a Rivers Ridge canoe (riversridgecustomcanoes.com) and I can't put it on top of my car myself. I would take it out more if I didn't need help loading and unloading it. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas as far as a trailer goes? Roof racks? It is 12'9" and weighs 85 pounds. Thanks guys!! Bob
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