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  1. I sometimes will tighten down the mixture screw all the way to squeeze out the gum that has accumulated then back it off the same number of turns... works every time on my 4 stroke 9.9 honda when it begins to idle rough... I also use startron gas additive... keeps the bad stuff from forming in the first place and keeps the gas fresh longer... makes my chainsaw start easier too...
  2. County of Monroe controls the docks and they kept them in for us this year because of the late perch fishing on the bay and the lack of early ice. Many of us on the bay into late January... First time in a long time they stayed in all winter... thanks....
  3. Avon Anglers Walleye Tournament, Honeoye Lake... Saturday May 5th evening... http://www.avonanglers.com
  4. deep_end

    buck pond

    Back in the 70s and 80s there would be plenty of vehicles parked in the Crescent Beach parking lot and tipups all over the ice... lots of action... took my son there for some of his first hard water fishing... Braddocks was awesome too... trout first thing in the morning and big perch and pike throughout the day... water would be right up to the parking lot at Braddocks Hotel... we got some great videos of the "good ole days" landing browns and rainbows through the ice...
  5. Fished the tourney... was leading the pike category with 3.7lb until someone got a 4.6... good time though and the wx held out until after the tourney... will be back again next year... often fish Mendon as I live just down the road... have not been active on this forum but I do fish Irondequoit in the summer for walleyes and sometimes smallmouth out in the lake...
  6. Usually we get a few nice pike in the mix... a lot of skinny ones... there are some nice perch and crappies in there but you have to look for them... some fishing pressure on early ice at the ponds but guys move elsewhere as the season progresses and other waters become safe... there have been a couple of tournaments in the past around the Winterfest and some nice catches were had...
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