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  1. Vanish is trash. Just flush $120 down the toilet now and get it over with.
  2. Sad news indeed. I've been out with Captain Visich many times. He is a class act and one helluva fisherman.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I live in Ohio, so I get to make a few trips to Ontario. We are planning three this season. We were fishing deep water last year (580+), but our rigger depths averaged less than 50 feet deep. Our best day, fishwise, we were running our baits down twelve feet deep in 590 FOW.
  4. I will be installing a Depth Raider for this upsoming season. Last year while fishing Lake Ontario, our average depth on the riggers was about 35 feet. From what I've read about the Depth Raider, it states that you can run it with standard rigger cable up to 100 feet or so. I highly doubt that I will be running it anywhere near that depth. Am I asking for trouble if I run it with my standard downrigger cable, or should I just install the coated cable from the get go?
  5. Was it Vanish? If so, that's why it's called Vanish. Anything that's tied to it will Vanish.
  6. Me and some friends hit Point Breeze for a couple days of salmon fishing. My boat was filled with a couple of Ohio walleye fishermen. We had another boat with a father/son team that goes up a couple of times a year. I had recently purchased a pair of Cannon Mag 5s for the trip, which ended up being extremely easy to use, and worked out perfectly. The salmon game was new to us, but we used what knowledge was passed on to us (from the father/son team, and this site), and ended up boating 18 fish for the trip, four of which were over 19 pounds, with our biggest going 22.6 pounds. We didn't have the best weather, and we probably lost a whole day of fishing over the course of the four days. The lake surface temp was 70 degrees one day, and dropped down to 41 degrees overnight. One day were were less than three miles off shore and into fish, the next day were venturing out 8-9 miles to find them. We caught fish on spoons, flies, and E-lures. On Wednesday, we were fishing in 530 feet of water, and catching fish 22 feet down on the riggers. A huge change to walleye fishermen that fish in an average of 40-50 foot of water on Lake Erie. We started our Dipsy rods with the 30 lb Power Pro that I had on them, and quickly got fed up with the fleas. During our lunch break, we went to Captains Cove, where we found a very nice younger gentleman that was more than willing to help us out. He stripped off the Power Pro, and put it on an empty spool he had, and made sure I got it back. He put wire line on two of my rigs, and even installed the Twilly Tips for me while we waited. The trip was a blast. Having a big king strip off 375 feet of line in a matter of seconds was mind boggling. We had a double of 20 pounders at one point, and managed to get both fish to the net. It was a great trip that will be remembered for years to come, and we've all got a trip penciled in for next year.
  7. They call it Vanish for a reason. Anything tied on the end of it will Vanish when it breaks. The stuff is pure, unadultered junk. Stick with Seaguar
  8. Ugly Stick, model MDS 1186 2 MH will fit the bill extremely well Gander Mt usually has them in stock.
  9. I am contemplating purchasing a pair of Cannon Mag5 electric downriggers. I would appreciate any reviews on these riggers, good or bad. Also, will it be ok to use my cranking battery to power these units? I have my ship to shore, fishfinder, and GPS already hooked up to this battery. I also use a Mercury Pro Kicker, which is hooked up to the same battery, and has an alternator that recharges the battery, but at trolling speeds, I'm sure that amount is minimal. Any and all advice is appreciated.
  10. I love the Opti-Pro Kicker combo. The Opti does extremely well on gas. I can go 4-6 trips on Erie without filling it up, compared to the one or two trips I was getting with my I/O. It fires up in a split second with a turn of the key every time. It gets on plane immediately. The nice thing about the Sport Angler is that it has two fuel outlets in the splashwell, so you can hook a kicker up to one of them without installing a 'T' fitting. The boat is also equipped with a 'reserve' of about five gallons. It also has a roomy dashboard with plenty of room for electronics.
  11. I took delivery of mine (1800 Sport Angler), last August. I couldn't imagine owning a different boat. I have wanted a Lund for years, but mainly being a troller, I couldn't plunk my money down on one because of all of the real estate taken up by the 'bench' in the rear (the board in the rear that crosses the boat for a seat). When I saw the Sport Angler, I signed on the dotted line, and wrote the dealer a check. The room in this boat is incredible. I'm fine with it not having lockable rod storage. I'll trade that for fishing space any day of the week. It does have rod storage in the gunnels, but I don't use it. The vinyl flooring is a godsend. I have a 135 Optimax on mine. I can hit 52 mph GPS with a full tank (41 gallons) with just me and a PFD in the boat. Add a fishing buddy and all of our gear, and I can hit 45-47 mph. Add a third buddy, and she'll go 43 mph. I also added a Merc Pro Kicker at time of purchase. It offers a very dry ride, and is extremely stable in rough seas. I've been caught in 5-7 footers, and was at ease heading back to port.
  12. Hello, fellow fishermen. I am new to the site. I have been fishing Lake Erie for over twenty years for walleyes and steelhead. I am well versed in the use of dipsy divers and other trolling equiptment associated with Lake Erie trolling. I will be visiting the Albion/Oak Orchard area of Lake Ontario the third week of August for a four day salmon fishing mini vacation. I used to hit the lake on a charter boat twice a year, but it's been approximately four years since I've done so. I will, for the first time, be bringing my own boat with me. Can someone point me in the direction of a reputable internet/catalog/mail order tackle shop that I can purchase some various attractors, spoons, and flies before I head that way? Also, I know fishing for any species can be a challenge that can change by the day, or even the hour. I would appreciate any and all tips that anyone can throw my way to shorten my learning curve once I get there. Thank you.
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