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  1. I have a 22 foot Starcraft Holiday. It's like the Islander without the cuddy.
  2. Wow, What happened to the fishing on the West end? Looks like it was very tough for the WHI. The reports I saw last week looked so promising for this week. Was it this weather? The weather for the next several days doesn't look any better. Rain, rain and more rain. We are supposed to fish Tues, Wed, Thurs. Looks like rain, East winds and possible T-Storms all three days. Not sure I want to ride 12 hours for that. You guys who fish the West End all the time, would you say this weather is going to keep things messed up? I'm wondering if I should see if the guys can go next week instead, assuming that a few days after all this mess passes, things might settle down. Any thoughts? How about the other species? I know they were all targetting Kings yesterday. I wonder if it's just the kings or everything is in a rut?
  3. Not sure if you can get 10 pounders. Slim Darter used to sell a 10 pounder but they don't make them any more. You might have to go with the atommik 13 if your riggers will handle them.
  4. OK, thanks. Thats the one I was able to find.
  5. We will be fishing the Bar/Wilson area this coming week. We plan to lauch at Fort Niagagra but may go to Wilson if needed. The DEC site ( http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/23883.html ) shows three launches in Wilson. I've only been able to locate one of them. Any suggestions on the best place to launch?
  6. I have a question about getting out to the Red can from the river mouth. If I go out to the Green Can, Will I have any issues going straight to the Red can from there or do I need to go around the shallower water. Looking at the charts, I don't see anything shallower than 12 feet between the two cans.
  7. 246K miles...Hard to say you didn't get your money's worth out of that one! Here's hoping the next one is as good!
  8. I called Navionics today and they told me there were no Nav aids on the Fish'N Chip charts. I added waypoints on my GPS and labelled them at the location of the nav aid.
  9. I'm using the 13 pound atommiks and they work well also.
  10. We will be headed to fish the bar next week. We are staying in Youngstown. Can anyone tell me the name and location of some tackle shops in the Younstown/Wilson area? Also need a place to get non-resident fishing licenses.
  11. Yes they are. I'm headed out next Monday and the guys from LOU have helped my planning tremendously! Thanks Rick!! We plan to stay in Youngstown and launch at Fort Niagara but if the fishing is better at Wilson, we will trailer to there.
  12. So, it's a sick bait? Got any idea where I might find a picture of one?
  13. Hey Rick, What does that Brads Thin Fish look like. Is it a pattern available from different lure makers or just one?
  14. Awesome! Glad you got some. Nice job!
  15. So you replaced the check valve with a barbed end and connected your 6 foot hose directly from the tank to the motor and it didn't work? It shouldn't have any problem pulling fuel that far. Not sure what that motor has for a fuel pump but I'd ask the Yamaha guys about rebuilding it. Probably just some gaskets and a diaphragm. Also, have you checked to make sure that the vent line for your tank isn't plugged?
  16. How's the fuel pump on your motor? I've had problems before on larger motors not being able to pull enough fuel and I just rebuilt the fuel pump and that cured it. I have an 8 hp Honda and it pulls fuel fine from my main tank which has the check valve and I'm also pulling it through a fuel/water seperator. Also, check the end of your pickup tube. They usually have a screen in the bottom of them and that could be plugged.
  17. OK, so you put out your copper, then attach the float and let the float back 200 feet and thats where it stays?
  18. So the float stays on the line all the time? Is it normally right behind the boat? Then you just let it out further when you get a fish on another rod?
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