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  1. I have plenty of 55 Okuma convectors. they do the job and are a reliable reel but i'm fazing them out for the 553 clarions 6.2.1 ratio and carbon drags come with them from the factory, talked to tuna tom about up grading drags in 2014 and he said they are good to go out of the box and know i have a few years on them and can confirm this and we smoke 300/400 coppers in on them and never miss a beat. my 2 cents.

  2. OK gone out sat. aug 29 calm water and  7 lakers biting  all day on the same green spin doctors and green atomic  flies in 100 water out of Port Dalhousie, and sunday I went out of Port Dalhousie again around 9 am and set up down riggers in 20 ft water off the pier and BANG ! 1st salmon of the season so I set up again and then not even 5 min. later I got another one on the same green spin doctor and fly, but this guy is spooling me so I take a hard turn to recover but there is no room to maneuver  cause we have like 30 boats in the same area!. My maneuvering gets my salmon caught in my suzuki outboard  as other boats go by! So anyway the salmon broke the line and while I was setting up again my wife seen the salmon just bopping around the surface with all my gear so we went to get him and he disappeared again!!!!! So I set up again 30  min later he shows up again on the surface with my spin doctor and fly in his mouth! SO again we try to get him as he was swimming In circles, but yes we netted him finally and got my spin doctor and atomic  fly back!  So much fun!!!!!!

    Thats awesome

  3. Thats laughable.


    After fishing the proams in the amatuer division for quite a few years the major complaint I and alot of the other regulars had was you guys changing the freakin rules every year.

    Fixing things that weren't broken while the pro division remained untouched.


    It was "fixed" to the point that nobody fished it anymore when prior to the the "fixing" the am division had a good turnout.

    Baffling to me why nobody could see this happening.

    This post kinda reminds me of are government. Caps and periods for you Paul.

  4. OK so big boat theory and experience and time on the water is out the window just finished up day one on the pro side, and i think the open board guys all had bigger boxes than me what the heck lmao bad choices and missed opportunity on my part o well thats fishing. On the real side of things the committee dumped the AM- side of this and made the open set of rules because of (AM Team) count was way down and opening it up to other ports and letting anyone fish from anywhere was a way too get team count up and purse moneys up and it works for them so why would they do away with it or change rules. People that are shooting captains down for entering this are just hurting the tournament on the long run i think we need more captains and weekend warriors too put up 125 bucks and have at it. I also think the open side should be seeing more teams then the pro side of things I wouldn't let any of these Captains bashing other captains push me around and dictate your decision to sign up, read the rules and play buy them forget everything else and catch as many as you can and bring in your best 3 its as simple as that and after you win one or two and feel confident move up and take a shot at the big money. 

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