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  1. After all the reports and work the last few weeks it was time to put some serious fishing time in ,haha late start right out of the gate noon today but we still had high expectations and dreams of a real blood bath pulled out of the chute and set up are two outside riggers with DW spoons  38 special & mixed vegetable on the other side , then out went the otter boats and a wide spread of sticks in colors of blue/silver - perch - yellow perch - silver/black in the j11 size's three sticks per side with a 8 rod spread going in 15 fow we zing-ed and zag-ed and all hell would brake loose with one then two then three! yep four on with the three of us and before we landed the last of the four the last two had fish on the whole spread was cleared with a 50/50 mix of salmon and trout all boated, needless to say the boat was now bloody mess , re-rigged everything and decided to change out the spoons to find two draggers so we sent them back out and just continued to work the area ending the short trip with some where between 20 and 30 fish  all in the 3 to 8 pound range with one brown around 10lb in 2.5 hour trip, great shake down and back at it in the morning. 

  2. I went too the lotsa meeting and the rep for raymarine was there last week with a bunch of units set up , i think it will take you a trip to get use to it, but you'll get dialed in, also Raymarine has a picture contest and your unit will snap a screen shot. learn too use it if you get something good they pay for your unit. i think that's a monthly contest.

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