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  1.  thursday (oak to olcott)

    With rob from the hideout team for a little early pre fishing, got on the water and lines set at about 6am headed west in 80 too 100 fow. The screen had a few fish on it here and there and we where getting fish every half hour or so from the top of the water to up to a 100 down, no real pattern was set in stone , ended up getting down too olcott before we pulled a few good kings in 15lb to 20lb range 2 oclock came and we would call it quits for the day after boating some where around 20 fish.


    Friday evening. (sandy too oak)

              Started out in front of pump house just west of port on a 100 fow and set the auto pilot on a north west heading for deeper water, was a very slow evening till we got just west of devil's nose almost infront of troutburg bay and the flats rods started too fire would ended up hitting 6 good kings and 3 would brake off ,bad batch of line but eather way i found some water and a good class of kings too fish for in the morning , pulled rods and motored into the oak.


    saturday morning (day one)

             Motor back east to where we hit the good kings from the night before but the FF was blank so we trolled back north west pulling smaller class of fish and around 9 am we were back infront of the oak in 330 fow and we hit a bigger class king for a up grade to are box, 40 mins later we would hit are 2nd big king with a few smaller fish in between in 270 fow now we had two good ones and still one smaller class fish in the box and time was running out so we started too troll back in and in 130 fow the copper would finally take a shot with a good king to finish up and head too weigh in , Got too weigh in and saw the board with some big boxes mid 70 pointers knew it was going too be close and after we weighed in are score was 79.50 taking over the lead and we had big fish right up till the 2nd too last guy would beat are big fish out but we would still take the over all win for day one ! yahooo


    sunday (day two)

                Decided too start deep where we got are first big king and see it we could get em going first thing but with the storms and wind that came though the fish were gone agian on us and we were in hunt mode agian boated a 12lb laker off the top water line and a couple small kings and bows in the 4-5lb range and the wind really picked up so we tryed too troll into shallower water too see if we could get a good one on the inside,got too 140 fow and it took forever going into the waves and wind and the copper started singing and we new we had are first major fish on , we would tag team the copper and boat a 14lb king and as we were reseting and all pumped up like we were going too get some more big boy the phone rings and it's touriment control telling us small craft warnings are in afect and its over! pulled line's and headed for weigh in after it was all said and done we would end up 6th for day two just out side of the money. dam good time though.and congrats too yankee troller and his team , after watching him have two good days of fishing and making $13.000 we will be making the move too the pro side on the pro-ams for 2014 !! good time for sure.

  2. Fish are spread out big time right now, just got back from day one of pro am and some guys hit em some didn't , we fished the open class out of the oak and it was a long slow morning , but we ran a big fish program ! And managed too put a good 3 fish box together so I'd say it was not hot and heavy yet 50 degree water on top with 40s down 20 so the fish can just about go anywhere and be in the comfort zone, but the down fall is there really is not a good depth too target them seeing we did fish from off the top to over 140 feet down, hope this kinda helps ya.

  3. History of Water Regulation in the LOSLR Basin

    Given the diverse interests and needs along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, regulating water levels is a complex task.

    In 1909, as part of the Boundary Waters Treaty, the International Joint Commission was established to help manage the shared waters along the Canadian-U.S. border. During the 1950's, the IJC approved the construction and operation of a hydropower project in the international section of the St. Lawrence River for the purpose of producing hydroelectricity, enabling seaway navigation and providing some flood protection to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Flows through the Moses-Saunders Dam would also be regulated so that the lower St. Lawrence River received no less protection than with unregulated flows. Under the treaty, the IJC is tasked with ensuring that all affected interests are considered in decisions that change the levels and flows of boundary waters.

    The Lake Ontario St Lawrence River (LOSLR) Watershed

    Click to view larger image

    In light of record floods in the early 1950's, the governments of Canada and the United States asked the IJC to investigate whether water levels could be regulated for the benefit of property owners on Lake Ontario, while "having regard to all other interests" in the basin and how they would be impacted by such regulation. The IJC found that Lake Ontario could be regulated between a low of 74.15 m in the navigation season and a high of 75.37 m (243.29 and 247.29 feet, respectively) based on water supplies recorded between 1860 and 1954. The governments approved this target range of water levels and the regulation plan recommended by the IJC, called Plan 12-A-9. While this particular regulation plan was never implemented, it was used to calculate river profiles and design channel excavations for safe navigation through the seaway. The target range of Lake Ontario levels, however, was retained in subsequent plan development.

    In 1960, the IJC implemented a new water regulation plan known as Plan 1958-A. That plan was soon reevaluated due to problems with low water levels, particularly in the Port of Montreal. As part of that evaluation, the International St. Lawrence River Board of Control (Board) -- which the IJC created to help monitor and manage the basin's water levels -- was given authority to deviate from the regulation plan when relief could be provided to one or more interests without causing undue harm to other interests. In 1962, Plan 1958-C became operational, which provided more stable minimum water levels through reductions in summer flows and minimum winter flows.

    In January 1963, the IJC asked the Board to proceed with further studies on ways to improve the regulation plan. The resulting plan, 1958-D, would improve water levels at Montreal Harbor without reducing the minimum winter flows of Plan 1958-C. Plan 1958-D was made operational in October 1963 and has remained the regulation plan for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River ever since.

    In the ensuing decades, shoreline development in the region continued to grow. New homes were built, many residents converted summer cottages to year-round residences, and recreational boating grew to become a significant economic activity. But greater development also meant that greater impacts were felt from fluctuating water levels, particularly on occasions when water supplies were more extreme than Plan 1958-D was designed to handle. By the 1990's, there was growing dissatisfaction with the current regulation plan.

    In 2000, the IJC began a new International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study with financial support from the two federal governments. The five-year, $20 million study provided new insights into the shortcomings of the current water regulation plan, and outlined how system regulation might be improved.

    After the study was released, the IJC proposed implementing a modified version of one of the water regulation plans recommended by the study. After holding extensive public hearings on the issue, the IJC elected to withdraw that proposal due to various concerns that were raised. Yet the underlying problems and challenges with the current regulation plan have remained.

    Maybe a plan E ?

  4. For some added info the northeast was the least impacted by the housing bubble burst,and recession, at first...But with the constant downturn for the last 3 years,and as we know the price of fuel impacts more than just at the pumps..(price of shipping )....toss in 1000.00 entry (fee,observer,some fuel) plus dockage and rooms now ya got 1500.00 plus.so price was a BIG factor for myself..Then throw me in with full time charters with the PRO knowlage im done before i start....We had some great times and I thank all for that, who were involved.. The my way or highway doesnt seem to have helped the Pro/Ams any more than its been helping the economy..

    true true true

  5. I like the short box long box deal, but i think it should be a 2 day total not the day one day two thing with a ton of checks being given out, as goes for the open too , i was there for 2012 and won day one (open) and scored a spot out of the money on day two and with the points added up we would of took the over all, but it ment nothing and for 2 days of hard running like that just don't seem worth it we would end up braking even after entrance fees and costs, don't get me wrong something is better than nothing but the prestige & showiness just isn't there for the top dogs of the event weather they be pro or am or open , speading the money was a great idea but i think they just went a little over bourd with it is all and from my eyes it wasnt worth going too the west end too fish the opens becouse i would of atleast had to win one of the days to just cover cost, i hope know one take's my post in the wrong way,i just think there just needs too be some small tweaks too the format is all and if it is sorted out buy january i will work on putting a pro div. team together

  6. ha ha wasnt gonna say anything but i think ive seen the old yankee troller running in the rough stuff a few time's, the old boat that is ! anyways there will always be the old school and new school guys running the smaller boats out in the rough stuff that is not very enjoyable for everyone and for most it isn't and i think most fishermen on this fourm have a story or too of fishing the rough stuff. I would just go with knowing ur & Ur boats limits, just my 2 cents.

    NICE fish ya got there colored up with some pink to :yes:

  7. got out late last night 6pm set up, did five big guys in 240 to 270 fow fish were real deep riggers down 105/115/125 and mag dipsys on 1.5 setting out 240 and 260 my high diver's were 1s with mag rings on a 2.5 setting out 250 and 275 but never moved also took one on a 500 copper on a turn , there out there just real deep so brakeout heavy weights and get down deeper, we probley would of gotten more but the 500 copper fish wasted all are day light taking over a half hour to drag him in. white glow crush Pro Trolls was the ticket as it always is when going deep per the light spectum in my past experiance . also as a side note the bait was alittle higher up in temp and fish were full of it and hanging down below it. and the old zig zag trick with speed changes was working like a charm last night.

  8. super job and report looks like it was tough fishing out there with alot of good boats with zero score's, way too go with kids mixed in , congrats !!!! also did they change the payout stucture thought i saw a top ten payout deal with a 60 boat field and in ur pic it looks like they had 48 boats and spead the money out , just wondering becouse i may feild a team for 2013, thx for any info and agian super job :clap:

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