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  1. Ok Guys I could use a little help. I am going up in the am. I just got new down riggers. I have no flasher or lures. What is the best flaser and lurs to start out with? The wife is going up with me so I have to watch what I spend this trip up. Next week is a differnt story, she is staying home. Thanks for the help Rick
  2. I was going to go out of Pine Grove. What is a better sopt,Little Salmon? Thanks
  3. I will going out on the lake from the Salmon river. I understand that you can not have lures with more then one hook on it. Does that mean as long as I do not throw a line in the water while I am in the river going to the lake I am ok? Alos If I do put a line in the water while in the river I have to put my other lures in the truck? Thanks for the help. Rick
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Rick from NJ. I could use some help if anyone wants to. I just got a new boat this week so the wife is watching my spending. I will be going up to the lake on labor day weekend and would like to try my hand at some trolling and try to give the wife a shot at some fish. I will be staying near Port Ontario and could use some advise on trolling that area with dipsy divers. Hope to have the gps by then but if not I dont want to go that far out, since I dont know the water. Anyway if anyone has some tips, such as lures, depth, speed and so on. I would appreciate the help. Thanks Rick
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