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  1. Yes the reg book spells it out fine. NOT! To the officers I was told by the DEC on the water you could not carry a lure in your boat while fishing the estuary with more then one hook and one point (Salmon River Rules) even though you are not using them. I could have been fined. After a call to the main office they could not tell me. They switched to a upstate office and I was told I can carry the lures as long as I don’t put them in the water till I clear the mouth of the river, The book says the same. You know I now carry a copy of this whenever I am on the Salmon River. He was going to give me a fine but I told him to show me in the book and he said after a few min of looking for it he said he did not have time for this and left. He did say he could have taken my boat and all my gear. Yea I would deal with that. I think the problem is when the run starts they bring in guys from all over the state and they are not up on the rules. Make sure you read the rules, understand them before you do anything.
  2. Nice fish! I found your beer problem. If you leave it out on the deck like in the picture with the Tarpon it will get warm. Needs to be on ice to stay cold
  3. Well Ray, Sounds like you had a good time except for the beer issue. It should cost me around 2000 for the trip (fuel, boat rental campground site and dockage), but like you said I have to give up two days of driving. Nothing like spending four days out of 11 with the wife next to you in the truck telling you what you are doing wrong! You must some great guy to get a rv and a boat and have to spend the winter fishing in the Keys just because your wife wants to. I would never do something like that! It would reel rough to fish and drink beer 7 days a week with the temps hitting 85 for the whole winter. Then she will want you to go home and work and maybe on weekends. Lets see the pics.
  4. I would like to see the pic! I think if I saw something like that, I would pull my just in case we needed to go.
  5. I didn't see any reports on the keys. Did I miss something or you didn't go fishing? How was the trip? Fill us in! Thanks Rick
  6. I know my boat would be at full throttle! http://www.filecabi.net/video/786191-9738.html
  7. Welcome Just a little tip about this place. Don't ask about fishing, you get so much info your head will explode. LOL
  8. Here is one from New Jersey with nice people willing to share info just like here and alot of Striper talk. http://njsaltwaterfisherman.com
  9. Thanks Billy, You just made my fever worse. Nice Pics!
  10. Welcome Lots fo info here and nice people to
  11. The first step to kick an addiction is to admit it. http://gillznfinz.com/playvideo_32
  12. Nice! I just put a arch on my boat. I was looking for some thing with a low power draw. I will have to check into it. Thanks Rick
  13. MANIAC, Are they bright enough? Let me know, I am looking for some lights, but I also drift at night without the engine running. Thanks
  14. If your not looking to light up the water, use LED lights. More money, but wont kill the battery.
  15. Hello and welcome Nice bunch of guys here You made it to the right place
  16. The new one seen on TV and it must work.
  17. emtystringer, Thanks for doing that! Looks like that will work with no problem.
  18. Thanks Rod, I went out and put a tape on and it turns out I can get away with 3 1/2". Do you or anyone know if the Big Jon will work? Thanks Rick
  19. Ok Guys, I am totally confused now! I guess this should have been a poll. Thanks for all of the input. Rick
  20. (1) Lake Ontario United and it's members (2) Depth Raider (3) Wire Rod set up's
  21. Thanks Bill and Tim I will have check them out
  22. I am looking for some advise on what kind of rod holders I should put on the boat. I only have about 3" of width and also would like something that looks neat when taken off or sits low so it is not in the way when drift fishing. Thanks for the help Rick
  23. What about the part time guy like me. I don't head up till the middle of August and fish till October. What line do you guys think I should spool up with? Thanks Rick
  24. Sliderman, I just started this type of fishing not that long ago. The best advice I can give you is get a charter sled to take you out. Pay attention to what is going on and where to troll. One little trick I have used in the past and this works on open water also, is to bring a hand held GPS with you and mark way points when you hit fish. Now if you paid attention On what to do and how to do it, you now have some hot spots when you and your buddy go out. A charter sled is well worth the investment. Check out the link below and find out why I switched to sled trolling. Good luck Rick
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