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  1. Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Levelwind Trolling Reels 4 Okuma Magda Pro MA30DX Line Counter Levelwind Trolling Reels. No longer have a need for them, they worked fine last time I used them. $115.00 for all 4 shipped. Thanks
  2. Yes price includes USPS Shipping
  3. Shamano Tekota 600LC Very little use and in good shape loaded 30lb power pro $125.00 includes USPS shipping.
  4. 2 Daiwa 47LC for sale I have 2 Accudepth Plus 47LC for sale loaded with Malin-7 1x7 Stainless Steel Trolling Line $100.00 for both including USPS shipping. Both work fine but have minor scratches Sold the boat so I have no need for them Thanks
  5. Sold the boat so I have no need for them $225.00 shipped for the set of 4 Thanks Rick Sold
  6. I thought I would put my stuff up here before I put it on ebay. If you pay asking price, I will pay the shipping. Box of 12 J plugs $25.00 OBO Sold Box of 50 Spoons $30.00 OBO Sold 11 Divers includes 2 Slid divers $50.00 OBO Sold 2+ ( 38 total) Box's of Flashers Most are Spin Doctor and a few E-Chip $200.00 OBO some are new and unused Sold 1 Box (32) Trolling Flies most are atomik flies a lot of new ones $50.00 Sold Thanks Rick
  7. Soon on the BFT, I will let you know. Also have a 36 hour YFT trip set up in mid October with 25 guys. Good to hear from you
  8. It's been awhile since i have been to the board, a lot has changed. Been fishing the salt most of the time. Parked the RV at the Jersey shore, sold the truck to pull it and put the lake boat in a slip near the RV. This will be the second year I won't be up at the lake to fish and I miss it. Don't know when I will be back but hope to someday. Just wanted to check in and say hi to all of my Lake O friends and wish everyone a safe and good season. Rick
  9. LOL Thanks Ray The price of diesel is getting closer to my age.
  10. I am heading up tomorrow and was wondering if the interstates have any damage from the storm. Thanks Rick
  11. It's good for the days you buy it for. I was stopped once and I only had the receipt. They never saw one at the time, but no problems at all. If you buy it today and want to fish today, is all good. It even shows the time so can't say let me go home and get it....
  12. Hey buddy, I vote for leaving it in the keys.
  13. Rod, Let me know when you are going. A Capt friend of mine is doing a seminar also. I will going to see him. Maybe we can meet up.
  14. 1 - Click on the link below. 2 - Then click on "click me to get trippy." 3 - Look at the center of the screen for 30 seconds, and then 4 - Look at your hand holding the mouse, without moving it away from the mouse...not before. (it’s called "cenesthetic hallucination") (Better have someone with you) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a warning for people who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy... http://www.neave.com/strobe
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