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  1. Makes me want to go! Have to watch it all winter.
  2. http://floridakeyswebcams.tv/teens4ocea ... ceans1.asx
  3. Thanks! Makes more sense to me now! But you really don’t know what your lure is doing because if the current is not going straight behind you or with you it will change the lure action. Sometimes you hookup while making a turn, Is that because the speed changed or because the current is at a different angle and changing the lure action?
  4. Got it! Let’s say your GPS is showing 3.0 mph and your down speed is showing 2.5 while you are heading north. Your boat is going 3.0 mph and your lure is going 3.0 mph, but the lure is acting like its moving 2.5 mph. while heading north. Right?
  5. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I need someone to make sense of down speed to me. I am told it is the speed of the lure at that depth and can be slower or faster depending on current. I can not see how the lure is traveling at a different speed then the boat. If the lure is going faster then the boat, after a period of time it would pass the boat. It can not go slower then the boat because it would have to get further away from the boat. The only thing I could see happening down below if the current is doing something, it would be making the wheel on your probe go slower of faster. Can anyone tell me different? Thanks for the help Rick
  6. For you Ray I will throw in both boats, all tackle, rods, reels, down riggers, all salt water gear and all of the Gulp I own.
  7. Not pictured but is included is the display mounting bracket, power cord, cable from the display to the down rigger and the pickup to mount on the down rigger.
  8. I have a complete unit for sale except for the coated cable. The unit is just one year old and used maybe 10 times. It works fine, just don’t have a need for it. It DOES NOT include the coated cable. Looking to get $300.00 for it and I will pay the shipping.
  9. I can let it idle for 15 min with no change. I get up on plain then it works it's way up to 14, but takes a min or 2 to get there.
  10. I can let it idle for 15 min with no change. I get up on plain then it works it's way up to 14, but takes a min or 2 to get there.
  11. I have a 1988 200 Yamaha outboard and seems charge only at 12 volts when at idle. If I rev it up it says the same. But if I drive the boat it goes up to around 14 volts. Does anyone no if this is normal for a stater engine of that age? My other boat has an alternator and it goes right to 14 volts when I start it. I think I remember other older engines I had did the same thing, but I’m not sure. Thanks for the help. Rick
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