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  1. I have a set of two Cannon Downrigger 9'' Gimbal Mounts new in the box. I thought I would post them before I put them on e-bay. If anyone wants them I would let them go for $100.00 for the set plus shipping. I use ups at work so it should a around $7.00 - $10.00. http://sporting-goods.pricegrabber.com/ ... /44293024/ Thanks Rick
  2. I live 4.5 Hr's from lake O and 2 Hr's from Sandy Hook. When I go fishing on days off I don't want the day to be shot. No I would not go out in heavy fog, but I don't want to get stuck out in it if it rolls in. I also like to fish after dark sometimes. When I fish the hook I dont go to far, the boat is kinda small.
  3. I need some advice. I just bought a new 18.5 ft fish and ski. I fish Sandy Hook NJ and lake Ontairo for the most part. I have installed a chart plotter with depth, VHF and a fishing arch. Should I install radar on the boat? What would you do and if so does anyone know of a good small unit I should look at? Thanks for the input. Rick
  4. I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me out with info on fishing the lake this year. This was my first year fishing the lake and I am happy with fish we caught, Thanks to the people on this board. I am heading up Fri am for the last time this year and bringing the boat home Monday. Hope to find some fish this weekend due to the wife is coming up with me to see what it is all about. Thanks again Rick
  5. Does anyone know how far the nuke plant is from the Salmon River by water? Thanks Rick
  6. The boats with no llights are a big pain. You would not belive haow many boats I saw up to the bridge with no lights and going full speed or sitting in the middle with no lights. You are asking for it. The only good thing is the moon was out.
  7. Heading up on Friday till Monday for the last time this year. Hoping the lake is not too bad for my 18' ft boat, so we can get out and find some fish. This is my first year fishing the lake. We did well fishing the lake for a newbe. Having problems finding fish lately. While we were fishing this year we did listen to the radio and picked up allot of info, but when it came time for location and depth and lure we only heard "call me on my cell". So if anyone having the same problems I am having and want to work a few different things and different depths give me a call on 68. I go by Still Running I will be going out of the Salmon River. I still don’t know the name of allot of locations but I am working on it. Hope we can hook up and find some fish. Thanks Rick
  8. Thanks Don I will have to try that. Rick
  9. rail bird Thanks for the info! What is a free slider? Thanks Rick
  10. A few weeks ago I was fishing the lake and catching fish 65-100 fow. I day after a big blow I came out of the river and saw fish jumping all over. I am thinking the lake turned over. Ok if so the mature fish are going to going to run the river. Now to the question. If the lake turned over, I assume the temp came down enough to bring them up. Why are fish still being caught in 300 fow. Does it have to do with the age of the fish and the ones that are going to spawn? Do the younger fish stay in deeper water no matter the temp? Yet I fished 65- 100 fow after that and nothing. Thanks for the help Rick
  11. I go out of the Salmon River. The boat is 18' 4-5 footers is not a problem, but I perfer less. I fished the lake last weekend from the the river to 80 fow with nothing!. I was thinking of heading out to the plant Sun, so far the winds look like 5mph out of the east.
  12. Yankee Troller, Any thoughts how far off shore? I would not mind that to get away from the crouds. Thanks Rick
  13. Going up this weekend and I would like to troll the lake, is it worth it or should I leave the boat home and fish try river? Thanks Rick
  14. Last weekend it was both. I would like to see it the same.
  15. Going up tonight and will be fishing the lake Sat and Sun. I will let you know how I make out. Rick
  16. Now that the fish are in the river, will I still catch fish trolling 60 - 80 fow. If so how late in the year will I catch fish. It is to crazy if 20 fow looking for some room. Thanks for the help. Rick
  17. We were going out 9/15 am and found a ring at the Pine Grove Boat Launch If you lost one, pm me and let me know what it looks like and I will get it to you. Thanks Rick
  18. I saw it at any speed or direction. I evee saw it Sat am is the big seas.
  19. Thanks Tom I see it alot, almost looks like bait fish.
  20. I have been fishing 60 - 90 fow and catching fish. I just have one question. What am I seeing on the depth finder every once and awhile at 20 to 30 feet down? It is showing small dots, not fish. Thanks for the help Rick
  21. looks like I will not be able to launch out of Pine Grove this weekend. I have never went out of the Little Salmon. Do I need to watch out for anything or is the water deep enough to run out across the lake? Thanks for the help Rick
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