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  1. Back when I was dating my wife I would get her the Big Mac. Back then there was no dollar menu, But I think I would have still spring for the Big Mac. She was a good catch. Now I do let her get two or three items off of the dollar menu. For our anniversary I am letting her take me to the keys fishing. She has to spend the big bucks if she wants to get lucky with me. I am no cheap date. LOL
  2. Here is a cool link http://www.iobis.org/
  3. Some people just don’t use there heads. I don’t know how many times in August and September I heading out to the lake in the dark and come across an anchored or under way boat in the middle of the river with no lights on. Why would you go out that time of year or any time with no lights? I don’t even know if a coarse would help those people. It’s a law and they still don’t do it, I guess we are hiding from the fish.
  4. I hope so, if it doesn't I don't know how many times I will go up. It cost me close to $100.00 each way last year. I think it was pushing $3.50 a gal in Pulaski. What I don't get is the news is all over the stock market and the housing thing. How come I haven’t heard anyone in the presidential race mention fuel cost? This is the problem, think about it. I can’t spend money to go out to eat, get on a charter boat, go on vacation or even pay to get my lawn cut. I have to use the money to by gas, I have to go to work, so that is where the extra money goes. Its all down hill from there. You as a charter captain has to charge more, the landscaper needs to charge more or no matter what you do, you have to charge more. It’s not going to work, yet I hear nothing about that in the race for pres. Sorry I just get PO’ed when I look at Exxon’s profit!
  5. Here in Jersey it was broke down by your birthday year. If your were new to boating you had to take the coarse. You would have to be dead not to pass. It was 8 hr’s of going over a book and then the test. We also had a opt out, for $25.00 you could just take the test; witch is what most people did. I took the coarse because my son 16 years old had to take it. I will say even though I was falling asleep by 4pm, it was worth it. I did pick up a few things. I think it should be done in every state. At one point in my life, I sold boats and the one thing I did not agree with is that when someone wanted to by a boat, all they needed was money. After that we handed them the keys and away they went. I was on a lake one day and watched a guy pull away from a marina with his new bass boat, hit full throttle and flip it right over.
  6. I heard on the news that they jump all of the time, but this was a freak accident to land in the boat.
  7. Leaving in two weeks, hope the wife doesn't see this. http://www.livenews.com.au/Articles/200 ... g_stingray
  8. Fishinman, I forgot, did Tony every win? LOL
  9. If your engine is older then a 2007, I would put it in. In late 2006 the fuel was changed to ultra low sulfer fuel, even off road. So electrionic engines and pumped engine were not made for that fuel. Even if you put additive if your fuel you still can have problems, but most times it's just o-rings insted of pumps and injectors.
  10. Seems to me lifting the body and fenders with rusty body mounts is more work then pulling the engine. You still have to at least remove the shroud, hoses, wire harness and probably the radiator and have something holding the engine and cab up. Not to mention there is no pan gasket. If you don’t get the sealer right it is going to leak on you. You just had the engine out, so you know it will come apart without breaking anything. I haven’t seen a Ford that the body mounts are all rusted, taking a chance removing those bolts.
  11. Ray, You are going to get in trouble!
  12. Yea Ray, I made mention of FISHERMAN's shirt on that post and it looks like I stared something. I didn’t want to hijack that post to crank everyone up.
  13. What do you like best about a Nascar race? I like the end when they talk to the losers to find out the tires are no good, got hit by another driver or I did not like the question the reporter asked. Then next week he (20) eats crow. Got to love it! Now for the old number 8, most of his fans would tell you last year that the Hendrick team cheats. Now most of the green 88 fans will tell you it is good team. OK I started it, how many guys are mad at me now? 48 Rocks!
  14. FISHINMAN How does it go? Lead, follow or GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  15. Tom I hope you get her a 48 shirt, 20 not a good role model.
  16. The only stuff we ues is Power Service. We use it because it works. White bottle in the winter and summer or you can use the silver bottle in the summer, save a few pennys. The difference between the white and silver is the silver does not protect for gelling. You can get it at Wallmart or Tractor supply. If you are gelled up, but the engine will idle. Put in the red bottle (911) it called. Let the engine idle for an hour and you are good to go. I even use the 911 in my heating oil tank when temps are going to be around 0.
  17. Around $6.50 a bottle, the bottle does 100 gals. My truk has a programer in it. That gave me about 2 MPG. I get 21 mpg on the highway and 11 with the RV no matter where I go with it. NY to Texas it does not matter. I get 18-19 around here, back and forth to work.
  18. Seasquirrel, If you need the diesel for towing power or want the big truck with the best MPG that is the engine to get. DO NOT buy a 6.0 L and the jury is still out on the new 6.4 L. I have customers with over 750,000 miles on that engine. The one thing you want to look at on that engine is the oil pan. A lot of problems with rust, if you clean off the rust and put POR 15 on it you can save it if it is not leaking. If it is leaking you have to pull the engine out to replace the oil pan. Some people will tell you that you don’t have to pull the engine. True if you want to cut and weld the engine cradle. Other then that you will have to put additive in the fuel every fill up. Great engine, I love mine except for the $100.00 to fill it up, but I can pull my 12,500 lb RV up hill at 75 mph with no problem. If you have any questions just let me know, I would be happy to help.
  19. Yea that sulfur thing is BS. Since they started that we have been selling 60-70 injectors a month because people are not putting additive in the fuel. Same thing happend in 1994, it was injection pumps then. The additive just adds to the total price per gal. But if you don't put it in you just pay $3000.00 for a injector job.
  20. I just payed $4.05 a gal for diesel fuel, gas was at $3.05. Why? When diesel cost less to make. Let’s lower the interest rate, yea that will help.
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