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  1. If your crew backs out do to the seas, mine probably will to. We will just have to get together and both go on one boat. I will back out on my boat aroud 4-5'
  2. Yea Rod we will have to kick there butts! Just hope the wind doesn't keep us off the lake. So far the weather doesn't look bad. Talk to you Thursday.
  3. Bet the kids had fun fishing a tournament anyway. Nice day on the water and a few fish makes the day for them.
  4. Nice boat, too bad I could not talk the wife into having two. Good luck selling it.
  5. Because 99% of fishermen don’t mind helping each other out. Nice of you and thanks.
  6. I sent them a e-mail and was told the same thing (Swamped). I ordered them on line from a dealer on a Friday and had everything on Monday.
  7. Nice fish! What was the weight?
  8. Thank you now I understand.
  9. Can someone explain to me how the youth div works? I see on the board a Salmon at 27.15 lbs. How does that work into the mix? Or is the youth div completely separate? I read it as the youth is a mix of the main. If that is true the 27.15 is out. Thanks for the help Rick
  10. I can't seem to find McCoy Mean Green, I would like to try a reel with it. I have the Ande Pink and I like it, it works well but always like to try new stuff. Thanks Rick
  11. I don't know how true it is but I have heard there are a few fish in the ladder at the Hatchery now.
  12. I have a 1979 MG Midget for sale. Engine and Transmission rebuilt in the winter of 2007. More info at: http://harrickih.com/1979_mg_midget_for_sale.htm Just put a new Webber carb and manifold on the engine. Start it up and drive away. Any questions you can pm me or call my cell 973-214-3019 Thanks Rick
  13. Thanks Ray At least I know your trying to let me get one. That is very nice of you.
  14. As of 13:00 looks it's on in the east.
  15. Get it done Rod and get that boat back in the water! Glad to see it's moving along.
  16. Looking to put new line on my downrigger rods, what kind would you put on them? Thanks for the help Rick
  17. All elese fails, get a tent most campgrounds have room.
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