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  1. I would like to talk the wife into it, but who knows?
  2. Nice fish! Bet he like trolling now
  3. Thinking of going up to fish out of the Salmon River. Should I leave my lake rods home or is there action in the lake? I have heard the mouth of the river and also heard 100 Fow Does anyone have the real facts? Thanks for the help. Rick
  4. Sorry for the links here, but I thought this was cool. Read both links http://njsaltwaterfisherman.com/forums/ ... icseen#new http://www.seaworld.org/wild-world/zoo- ... hin-56.htm
  5. You weren’t alone Fished the same thing and even went out to 300 fow with only one Brown to show for it. Did see about three fish go in boats around the plant, but none for us. Will just have to do it again.
  6. Just remember if you troll the estuary on the Salmon River you can only have one hook on the lure and that hook can only have one point on it. They will stop you to check if you are trolling.
  7. God bless them all and DON'T FORGET!!!
  8. Heaed back up this weekend with two new guys. What are your thoughts, fish the estuary or work the lake? I would rather fish the lake, but I would like to put them on fish. I don't mind working the lake. Going out of the big Salmon Any fish at the mouth on top?
  9. Great report and thaks for all of the info. Sounds like you guys had one heck of a day.
  10. October? As soon as I hear the fish are starting I will let you guys know.
  11. Trying to find out what kind of fish this is. A guy I know caught it in the Salmon river. Thanks Rick
  12. Thanks chowder and Rod. I will get this stuff sooner or later, hope it's soon. Ray, You better show now, looking foward to learning something from you.
  13. Lucky Enuff, Thats only 6 fish at 33 lbs ea. and all kings Should not be a problem. I can't get one at 33, could have used one for the LOC I need to find that LUND
  14. I picked up a Shimano Tekota 800 with 450' of copper. Since I fish the fall I won't be running 600'. Just want to put it on a decent rod for the job. I don't think I will run more then 400' just do to the boat traffic the time of year I fish.
  15. I am thnking of getting a copper rod and would like to know what kind you would get. Keep in mind I fish only late August thru September, not all year long. What would you buy? Thanks for the advise. Rick
  16. Sorry about that!! I have my head thinking fishing. The $186.00 include the ice cream? Did you try to Beg forgiveness? In 10 or 15 years Justin owes me a trip and he can do everything. LOL
  17. Thanks Guys I guess I didn’t phrase question the way I was thinking it. If you know what I mean. I guess what I was asking in part two of the question is why cant you run the wire off the back off the back of the boat without a dipsy? You see I was typing without thinking. The wire doesn’t have the weight the copper has to bring it down. Got it now That what happens when you are working and trying to think fishing.
  18. Any time Ray you are welcome to come. So Ok Bro Them tell me y we don't run the wire out the back w/o the dypsy hooked to it and then let it sink? I may be the idiot, but my plug is wired to the boat and you would have to cut it to take it.
  19. Thanks Bill So what you are saying is that the wire sinks better then the copper. If thats the case what is the advantage of the copper over the wire. Just trying to figure this out. Thanks Rick
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