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  1. Selkirk shores isn't bad. last year the river was low, but I don't think thats a problem this year.
  2. Rich, Nice boat, I try not to go to Lk Hopatcong, Had a tackle shop for a few years and sold boats. Too many nuts for me. Looks like you hit the hook also. I know that ramp very well.I try to go at least one day a week from April, stop in late August and September for Salmon then back in October till ... Going up to the lake last week of August for labor day weekend. Rick
  3. Cool Rich They walk down my street like drunken sailors on garbage night in Jefferson township just a few miles south of you. Rick
  4. Welcome Aboard From Jersey myself What part?
  5. 27th - 1st out of the Salmon River. Good luck to all
  6. Happy Birthday Ray, Enjoy and go buy youself some fishing gear.
  7. Food Saver Three years now and even the wife loves it.
  8. I just got off of the phone with Kell Labs and I was told the units now come with a quick disconnect so you can remove the probe. I assume that means no tape needed.
  9. chinook, Didn't think about loading the rod. Guess it won't work. Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. http://www.newsday.com/news/local/nassa ... 7691.story
  11. Has anyone tried this on a downrigger cable to stack another rod? I was thinking of dropping it down the cable and hooking the line from the rod to it with a rubber band. Also do you think it will go about half way down? What are your thoughts? Thanks Rick
  12. Boats! If I could pull it off I would have 3 or 4. First I would need parking for them and also an ex wife. (hummm) Now you got me thinking of all of the room I would have in the house for rods if I got rid of all of the shoes.
  13. I was cleaning the garage last night, when my wife came out and told me something was wrong with me. She thinks I have too many fishing rods. I explained different rods for different fish and extra rods for guests on the boat. I looked around and counted 45 rods not including the ones I have one or two in each rod case. Am I a normal fisherman or do I have a problem? Keep in mind I fish: Trout Salmon Bass Fluke Stripers And sometime the surf How many rods do you own? Thanks for the help Rick
  14. Rod, When I said Alignment, I ment something in the out drive. I was thinking something like a shaft or bearing. Something that also would make the seal leak.
  15. Rod, Sounds like something was out of alignment when it was installed. I say this because you didn’t say you had water in the oil the first time. Question is was the seal just put in wrong, was the seal wrong or the shaft moving after it was repaired. You have to find out what went wrong in the out drive. Was it rust in the bearings, alignment or something bent? I have seen a lot of guys draw something in when it won’t go and 99% of the time you can’t do that. It will bend or break something. It could be just a bearing went bad and the rest is history. Unfortunately it is hard to tell if everything is in good shape unless you take it all of the way apart and look. I assume they did not do that, just spin it and if it feels smooth, and then you have to go with it. The best thing is make them show you what locked up in the drive, then you can find out if it was something they did or something just went bad. If it was me I would wait for the call and tell them you will right down to take a look. Make them show you the bad part and go from there. Good luck Rick
  16. YodaMage, You are too low, move it up so it is just at the bottom of the boat. Had the problem and that is what fixed it. Still works at full speed.
  17. Bob, Did you mean the flasher is at the reel when the dipsey is at the tip? That is what I was thinking. Just don't know if 9 ft between the dipsey and flasher is too much or too little.
  18. How much line do you like to put between the dipsy and the flasher? Thanks for the help Rick
  19. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  20. Rob, Thanks for the quick reply. BTW Do you think I should also get a black one?
  21. I just spent two hours looking over the site and need some dipsey help. This is the first year I am running them. Got the wire rods, but need to get the divers. I paln on fishing late August and Sept on the east end of the lake. Found that size 1 is the size I need, but what are the best colors to start off with? Thanks for the help Rick
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