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  1. Sliderman, Evidently you are a newbe @ this ice trolling. I don’t mind helping someone that is what this board is about, fishermen helping fishermen and having a good time doing it. Anyway just like open water trolling for any species of fish you have to do a few things. Go with what worked for you in the past. If this is your first time use what you learned that cold winter day when you making love to you couch and fondling your remote (watching a fishing show) and try what that fishing pro (A person who gets paid to do what you love to do and gets all his tackle and boat for free) showed you. The problem with that is most time the TV pro wants you to buy that lure so he can continue getting paid. But those new lures will work if the conditions are right. Just like any lure in your box will catch fish. With that said you must experiment with different lures, speed, depth etc… Use common sense and don’t be afraid to try things even if you think a setup you are using looks stupid. A stupid setup may catch you a ton of fish. Whether it did or didn’t just make sure you take it off of your rod before you get back to shore. If that setup is on your rod when you get back you know everyone on shore will be laughing at you and they will try it the next time they are out and not catching anything. Anyway go north for a while, turn east, or west then south, zig zag, go in circles and pay attention to what you were doing when the fish hit and do it again. Take notes on air temp, wind direction, how much line you had out, what color lure and speed. Write it down for next time when you have the same conditions. Unlike open water trolling you never have to worry about ice temp. That is one thing that is always a constant, its cold! Back to the common sense thing, if it wasn’t cold it wouldn’t be ice. The ice is very important; there are different types of ice and ice conditions. Sometimes the ice is smooth, sometimes it has bumps, thick ice and thin ice.(Thin ice stay home) each day can be different. Try different things and talk to people on the shore. Invest time and one day you will be that guy at the shore with the cooler full of fish. Now to answer your questions: Quote: I'm assuming that there's gotta be some kind of thermo setup in that depth of water..... Answer: Yes there is a thermo setup, its ice so that means it’s frozen the fish will be under the ice Quote: O.k back to the MARKS ...did you find that the majority of them were suspended in the water column or throughout? Answer: There is no water column, its ice so that means it’s frozen Quote: I've run BAGS also in a similiar situation that you were in and you're right they just drag behind you......how do you get them to open up? Answer: In sled ice fishing we use a different kind of bag, its called a auto open ice trolling bag as seen on TV Quote: I think you were trolling too slow....maybe you should pick it up a bit Open that sled up next time! Answer: As everyone knows you only open it up for the ride in or out. Even if you are only going 100’ from shore you have to go full speed. Hope this helps Rick
  2. This has to be my next ride. Won't need riggers or depth finders. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=09c_1203039174
  3. Just Fishin Admit it, it' true Sliderman We were picking up all kinds of marks. I think the bad luck was due to the wind, moon, troll speed or direction or maybe just my state of mind knowing that when I came off of the ice I had to go to work. I tried the bags, but all it did was leave a trail in the snow and you know that you dont want to do that. Then everyone will know where you are and what you tell them on the radio would have to be the truth!
  4. Has anyone seen rectangle led flood lights? I don’t even know if they are made. I would like to find some for my arch to light up the back of the boat. Thanks for the help. Rick
  5. That is why I like this place. You always learn something. Thanks for the tip Landshark!
  6. The lake had a good coat of ice on it today. I took my rod and went down to the shore. Spent a few hours casting my lure across the ice without a hit. A nice guy pulled up on a snowmoblie and asked I was getting anything. I told him no. He told me to hop on the back and we will troll. Still nothing! The good thing is he didn't wan't gas money. I guess I will go to work. I'm board
  7. Snow day turned into a Mud day Glenn The problem here now is mud. The baot is in the yard, the RV is in front of it. Have to get the RV out by the end of March to go to the keys and the boat has to come out for Striper's. I would rather have the snow, I could have moved that. I think if I go hook up now, nothing is going to move. The winter has been long enough. Cant make it longer, got to gofishing!
  8. Ray, Have a good time and put some fish in the boat. Just remember the Florida Keys a String of Quaint Drinking Villages with a Fishing problem!
  9. Rod, Looks like you got it bad!
  10. Now it is starting to come into the basement and yes the yard is full. Almost time to put the plug back in the boat. Just have to remember to take the straps off the trailer so it floats.
  11. Today is the first snow day I have had off of since I was in high school and now it changed to rain. I am stuck in the house with the wife and kids. I WANT TO GO FISHING!!!
  12. Thank Ray, I like it, I did not find this one.
  13. Rod, I will have the boat every day, just hope I get to use it every day (weather). I would like to get out for sails and Mahi-mahi. I don't know what we can catch on the gulf side. I was told only 5-6 mile run for the Sails and Mahi.
  14. Rod, I rented a 19' at Captain Pip’s in Marathon. Wasn't bad $125.00 a day. Still don't hav a campground yet. If I stay at Knights I can take the boat and keep it at the site. If I leave it at Pip's I can't go out till sunrise and have to be back before sunset. Let me know what you think of Fiesta Key KOA and also any fishing tips. Have a good time and let me know what you catch. Rick
  15. http://www.rbk.com/us/perfectville/
  16. I use them for Striper's and Blues here in Jersey. I did not have them with me this past year (The first time I fished lake O) But I think it will work good in the fall and I will give them a try off of the wire rods this year. With the wire rods they should run around 30' down.
  17. I just picked up the 16XG east card. Does anyone know if this card also covers the south east end of the lake? It looks like it might but it is hard to see on the web or on the package. Thanks Rick
  18. I would bring the rods w/divers and run them off the back of the boat! Sorry I am no help.
  19. Welcome starfish, A bunch of nice guys here with plenty of good info. I can’t go a day without stopping by!
  20. Turns out the lure is called the "Woodwalker". It is made by Ozark Mountain Lures of Carthage Missouri and first came out in 1985. Made in 4 1/2" and also 3 1/8". Charlie Campbell worked with the Woodchopper to develop this "dog walking" top water lure. Found this on the web. Ask any touring pro to name the best at making surface lures walk, and Charlie Campbell's name comes up almost every time. Campbell is a legend in freshwater circles, largely because of his abilities with surface lures. His favorite lures include the Heddon Zara Spook and Luhr-Jensen Woodwalker. In fact, Campbell is the only angler to have his own signature series of either lure.
  21. Remember, It’s cheaper to keep her.
  22. Tried e-bay and cant find it. Thanks for the help guys.
  23. Do anyone know the name of this lure? I is made of wood and about 4" long. Thanks for the help. Rick http://harrickih.com/lure.htm
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