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  1. Hey Reeldilemma, It was great meeting you as well. I'd love to tell you I hammered em, but not the case. Only picked up one small fish down deep, but still a great night to be on the lake. Hope to see you out there!

  2. Great info Les. I didn't have my best day Saturday. There was a ton of bait and fair numbers of fish around 50' of water. That combined with my recent success with the dodger flies combo.... I couldn't resist. I picked up a few fish, but all on the small side. Moved to the south and deeper water without moving a thing. I did pick up a lot of weed and although not real heavy yet, the fleas are definitely more prevalent. Came back north and hit a 31" Laker right in front of Belhurst. Tried jigging for a couple hours which produced all kinds of follows, but no takers, which has been what I've found all year. Big difference from last year.

  3. Fished up north this morning with a buddy, ran two riggers, two Dipsey's with Spin Doctor/ fly all the way around. 40 to 60 ft of water. Had about 20 on, dropped more than we should have. First light was nuts, couldn't keep rods set. Quit by 9:30 before the rains hit.

  4. I fished the north end on Friday and Saturday. Friday my wife joined me and we jigged for about three hours with nothing to show in the north wind but a number of follows which has been the year for me up to this point. Saturday I went solo with a the south breeze, and started off trolling spoons, copper with a flatfish, and a Spin Doctor/Fly combo behind a Dipsey. About the time I got the Dipsey rod set it started thumping bad. I thought I hooked bottom since I was in less than 40 feet of water. When I grabbed the rod and tried to jerk it free, I realized it was a fish and the line snapped....brilliant. Reset the dipsey and in less than five minutes it was bouncing again.


    I spent the next hour with the SD/fly combo off the dipsey and another on the rigger down 40 feet. I ditched the copper as with those two rods I was constantly setting a rod or reeling a Laker, sometimes two. That's when my back went south and I was forced to call it a day. The bait in the area I fished was incredible. The bulk of the time the screen on my graph was better than half color with bait, and I snagged a bunch of sawbellies. I also managed a small Landlock on a Sutton that I had on as a sliding cheater. I too have been wondering where the bait and fish had disappeared to. Saturday I found them. I just hope I can find them again next weekend. Stay after them, they're out there!

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