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    Fishing, Turkey Hunting, Turkey Call Making (Finger Lakes Custom Calls)

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  1. glenm

    Oneida perch

    Sounds like a grest day!
  2. glenm

    Otisco Walleye

    Nice way to get started!
  3. Nice! Sure beats a day at work!
  4. glenm

    Otisco Walleye

    Nice fish, Congrats!
  5. glenm


    Nice!!! Looks like a good time.
  6. Nice fish! Happy birthday Justin!
  7. Nice fish! Even nicer that they had no sign of lampreys!
  8. Nice job! Looks like a fine fishing partner!
  9. glenm

    July 2 2020

    Good job! Looks like he had a ball!
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