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  1. Bruce, I'll take it if still available. I left a message on your phone. Glen
  2. glenm

    Oneida perch

    Sounds like a grest day!
  3. Nice way to get started!
  4. Nice! Sure beats a day at work!
  5. Nice fish, Congrats!
  6. glenm


    Nice!!! Looks like a good time.
  7. Nice fish! Even nicer that they had no sign of lampreys!
  8. Nice job! Looks like a fine fishing partner!
  9. Good job! Looks like he had a ball!
  10. Nice fish! Congrats!
  11. I acquired a few of those some years ago and had no idea what they were until someone showed me a copy of an article from the National Fishing Lures Collectors Club magazine that spoke of them. I brought one to the store and gave it to Dee along with a copy of the article. As I recall she had no recollection of them and unfortunately her dad wasn't in the store that day, but she was going to ask him about them. Haven't had a chance to speak with her about them since. If you Google the magazine and article about Sutton Spoon Company you may find it, or if you want to PM me, I can get a copy off to you. I believe the article stated that the harness was the only patent that they had received. Maybe Mark or someone else could confirm that,
  12. Nice! Congratulations, that is a gorgeous fish!
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