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  1. mjones 59

    Sold / Closed sold

    I will take 1 send me your info [email protected]
  2. mjones 59

    Seneca lamprey

    Last week on the north end I brought the ball up and had 3 lampreys on it !! And they were like you described, 15"-18" and a grayish color.
  3. mjones 59

    Cayuga Today

    I wondered where you were fishing. The fleas on the north end are terrible.
  4. mjones 59

    Canandaigua Personal best bow on a jig

    Way to go Paul,you have worked hard all year. Mark
  5. mjones 59

    Canandaigua 6/20 Canandaigua

    Paul I'm glad that you have figgered them out! I have gone 4 trips without A fish!! If I had any athletic ability I would take up golf!!! Happy Fathers Day Mark
  6. mjones 59

    Seneca 6/20 WTH

    Very tough fishing . This morning was the fourth trip in row without a fish!! Did hook three saw bellies on single hook spoons so there is plenty for the fish to eat.
  7. mjones 59


    You can Google the Hobart college research buoy which is located off Clark's point, at the north end. It has wind speed,direction.Water Temperature top to bottom.For me if it's 12mph out of the south I Wait for another day. But I'm retired.
  8. mjones 59

    Seneca/Sampson to Lodi 9-5-14

    I was fishing the north end. We marked a lot of fish but they were mostly suspended. With the south wind blowing like that and the current heading back to Watkins It is tough fishing. I never have much luck with these conditions. I had looked at the Hobart bouy site and it was 9mph @ 178 degrees, out on the water we checked again and it was 12 mph! Ended up with 3 Lakers.
  9. mjones 59

    Seneca North End this Morning 8-11-14

    SK8MAN, Were you fishing out of the PennYan hardtop? I was in the Pursuit with the green top. I had a friend from California fishing with me and I was explaining what pulling copper was and how effective it is. Was it hard to find bottom with current? We were trolling east/west and back. Down Riggers with Mt. Dew crush on the bottom got 6 Lakers, one 10#. A Dipsey out 120 with a 3 setting caught a small rainbow. I told him that Tuesday would be unfishable with a 20 mph south wind, boy was I right!
  10. mjones 59

    Downrigger coming up real slow

    I had the same problem with mine. Brandon at screwy Louies said that the gear case was out of grease. I'm sure that he would have done this. Make sure that the clutch knob is tight (counter clockwise). I burned out the second board that I had installed.
  11. mjones 59

    Please help with troubleshooting my kicker!

    That is where I would start. Have you been using non ethanol gas ?
  12. I found a replacement controller for my autopilot but it's a newer model and the New unit has a Larger center hub. On a new installation I would use the right hole saw, but I don't know the best way to enlarge an existing hole. Due to the cabling it has to stay where it is. Thanks
  13. mjones 59

    Otter boat

    There was a big discussion on Otter boat keels , 2 or 11/2 keels or Adam2000 has made replacement Keels
  14. mjones 59

    SENECA 6/16

    We fished the north end trolling stinger spoons for rainbows, browns, L.L. Trolled 2.0 to 3.5 GPS in 30' to 50' Lots of bait but a lot of wind out of the south. Caught 3 small lakers and lost 2, one of them a good fish. Earlier this week l caught rainbows and a brown, but just Lakers today.
  15. mjones 59

    Seneca out of Lodi - 6/12

    What type of release do you use on the copper off the planet boards ?